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  1. Well its pretty self explanitory. I want a world that has a volcanic feel to it. I think it could easily be done by just tweaking the normal world generator but i don't know for sure

    what i want-
    1. instead of oceans and rivers have rivers and oceans of lava.
    2. mountains look like volcanos (hole in middle and lava in it, maybe lava flowing from the sides of it)
    3. instead of dirt have much more stone and gravel. a little dirt but not a lot. (maybe configurable)
    4. no trees, grass, or plants except maybe mushrooms.
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    this will lag your server for sure, if you dont got a 16 Gb RAM server i dont think its a handy plugin, Sowwwyyy
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    You can do this with Terrain Control! Have a play about with it :)
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    As kezz101 said also try VoxelSniper it is a terrain gen tool ingame
  5. How would this lag my server? it would just be like nether except different materials and no floating land and theres a sun.

    yeah I've heard good things about it but i could only edit so much

    i was hoping to have a generator that would help it look better but this would work too, do you have a link to it? i searched for it but i have found no plugins with that name.

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    Well alot of the tools in Voxel Sniper is berried in their wiki page and though to find a tutorial about every single one of em. but if you found Voxel Sniper useful to you and you're server Great! XD If not, ok sure there are alot of plugins too you just need to look for it.
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