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Discussion in 'Bukkit Help' started by SH0NX, Aug 14, 2013.

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    So i run a drug server with the plugins involved: PermissionsEX and Buycraft.

    So basically the aim of the server is the /rankup and go through the ranks.
    and Buycraft adds a group when they pay for it.

    So this is where the problem comes in.
    When people join the server they are defaulted to: DriedOut
    But their details don't get added to PermissionsEX config file because they are the default rank.

    So when they donate, they get added to the PermissionsEX file but not as a rank that is able to rankup, they are added to VIP, which is not in the list of rankups.
    If a player Has previously ranked up from the "DriedOut" rank their details are added to the permissionsEx files and is completly fine when they donate.

    So what im asking is, is there a way of adding the players details to the PermissionsEX config file as soon as they join the server instead of when they rankup to the second rank.

    If you need anymore information about the problem or can help me! Please add my skype: Charlieestan


    Can anyone help? :(

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    Can anyone help yet?
  3. Unknowed Try group manager
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