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    Plugin Category: Fun? Misc?

    Suggested Name: Villagers

    What I want:
    So I want the ability to change the villagers type with a command and maybe interrogated with iConomy for changing their types. And for the staff to allow them to set the costs of them and to allow them to set the items they give and take.

    Commands And Permissions:
    /command = Permission + description
    1. /villager set (VillagerType) = Villagers.bypasscost + Bypasses the cost and sets it to the specified villager type

    2. /villager setcost (VillagerType) (Cost) = Villagers.setcost + Sets cost of the specified villager type

    3. /villager buy (VillagerType) = Villagers.buytype.(TYPE) + Right click villager to select and then change their type to the specified villager type

    4. /villager setgive (ItemID) (Amount) = Villagers.setgive + Sets what the villagers gives you

    5. /villager settake (ItemID) (Amount) = Villagers.settake + Sets what the villager takes from you

    6. /villager setclaim (Price) (Type) (MaxAmount):(Type/All) = Villagers.setclaim + Sets price of specified villager and sets max amount of villager type or max amount of all claimed villagers per player

    7. /villager claim = Villagers.claim + When the villager dies it will broadcast the message as a death message such as "KingRobichaud's Butcher villager was killed by Herobrine!" and the player who claimed the villager will get a message spammed to him every 10 or so seconds that his villager was killed and by who....

    8. /villager funeral = Villagers.funeral + Deletes message about dead villager.....

    You can freely add more or make the things you don't like optional?

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