Village Defender [Game]

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    I am, I didn't mean what I said in that kind of way. Maybe I should add a ":p"?

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    Super User

    Because its been weeks after the expected release.
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    TomTheDeveloper Just keep in mind nothing is perfect that is part of releasing the plugin, to let people use/find errors that they can report to you to be fixed(updates) :p

    LiLChris We're not rushing him if you can see in the other posts we are just taking assumptions on what could be happening. We are not going up to him and saying "WHY THE HELL U NO UPLOAD!".

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    Deleted user

    Let him get the plugin perfect in one shot to save his time.
    Releasing a buggy build and asking people to report bugs to him is simply a waste of your time and his time.
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    ShootToMaim Yes because everything has to be perfect before releasing... So lets start by removing every single video game and bukkit and game companies because there not perfect to. Bukkit has bugs to so lets also get it removed because it's not perfect! :confused:

    EDIT: Oh also forgot about minecraft to
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    Deleted user

    Would you hand in an essay that you didn't try to do your best on and know that you'll get below 60%?
    I think not.
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    ShootToMaim Sorry if i wasn't specific, but in other words everything is not perfect. So you are making no sense in your statement, an essay below 60%? this is something way different and very stupid on your end.
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    Deleted user

    I hope you understand the definition of "philosophy". I don't want to start a flame fest, so how about we just end this right now by letting TomTheDeveloper do his thing and take his time?
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    ShootToMaim I never was rushing him, i was just informing him on how releasing works. I just don't like the fact people like you think everything should be perfect in it's own sense. I hope you understand that nothing is perfect in the future ShootToMaim.
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    Deleted user

    But surely you would want things to be perfect? Bukkit releases recommended builds knowing that there are no bugs with it that they know of through their testing system. Plugins are the same. You can't release a plugin knowing there are bugs with it; it would be a waste of time to recompile it to fix the bugs that you could have fixed the first time around. Just because you don't try hard doesn't mean that others can't...
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    ShootToMaim Obviously anyone would want something perfect, but the fact is we are all human. We are not perfect! You can release a plugin knowing there is a bug in it, why do you think the most popular plugins have 'updates' because there are bugs that get fixed.

    EDIT: yes there is a recommended build for bukkit but it doesn't mean it's completely bug free.
    There might be a few small bugs not noticed that no one experienced yet
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    Deleted user

    Plugins get updates because of the bugs reported by the users.
    I need to tag a developer to help me out here, I feel as though I'm arguing with a child.
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    ShootToMaim Sorry if you, the 7 year old does not like the truth.
    and for the statement you just said
    Your words...
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    GodzOfMadness ShootToMaim
    I can't and don't knowingly release a plugin that has bugs. I do, however, release alpha/beta versions for users to test.

    I can't fix what I don't know about, so if nobody tests/reports stuff, I have no idea things are broken, because "It wrks fr m3!"
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    Deleted user

    Thankkkkkk you very much <3.

    What's wrong with my words?

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    ShootToMaim Wow can you not read?
    then you go on to say..
    tyzoid is correct and the point i try to come across, but you would rather 'win' this pointless argument
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    Deleted user

    This will probably be the last post I make, so have a great night :).
    When I said "buggy build", what I meant was a build that has bugs that the developer is already aware of before he released the build.
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    ShootToMaim Basically you start this argument for what? attention then? there is no other reason that i am aware of.
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    Deleted user

    I just wanted people to leave the poor developer alone. Something server owners have to realize is that developers have their own lives. Developers code when they have the time, or if they have the time. They code on their schedule, not yours. Now, I wasn't intentionally creating this chain of posts that point fingers at you and I, but frankly I was given no choice in the matter. In your initial post that I replied to, you state:
    I took that as a post that rushed the developer. I'm sorry if I misread it and misinterpreted what you meant, but I think what you were trying to say was that you wanted him to release a buggy build with bugs that he was already aware about, and let the community create tickets that reported already-known bugs in them.
    Obviously nothing is perfect. But you can at least make an attempt at making something perfect by giving it your best shot. This is what I meant by the whole "essay under 60%" thing. Developers create (or mark a build as) recommended builds based on the fact that through their system of testing, no bugs have come up.
    Thank you for your time, and once again I'm sorry for any misinterpretation. I was not intending to create a flame fest, but I wanted to get my point across.
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    ShootToMaim I'm glad you are taking a mature point of view and I myself am i developer so i know the schedule i have if you would look at my posts that i have been helping people on the development forums.
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    aronuserparty98 Dread9Nought LiLChris Super User GodzOfMadness ShootToMaim tyzoid

    Okey, first of all, I want to say, that I don't get paid, why should people pay for a plugin that will be released free?
    Second, I want to say that I am a 16 year old teenager, and I don't have time to program the whole day. I have a RL life behind this name. I need to learn for school, I have friends. And for me, friends and school is more important that this. I don't want to program whole my life, I want to do something with Science and I don't want to be someone who has no friends, only virtual friends.

    Third, I will release this for sure, becuase it is really exciting to release something that will (hopefully) be very popular. I hope it will have many downloads, and that I won't dissappoint you. I am working right now on this, this plugin already works for on my server. But I need to change the config, and ... I am doing this for U guys, I want to give you guys an awesome game. But some people are complaining, why? When I say, that I will release it, then I will release it for FREE, don't worry.

    PS: I am going to test it, this evening, and if it works, I only need to add some stuff (kits, lobby) and then it is done, but don't think now that I will upload it today, because I have a big test for school tomorrow and friday, I also have a big test.

    More Questions? Just ask

    (Feel free to correct my english, that really helps me!)
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    You sir must have patience, I am glad you can put up with this and still go about releasing it.
    I just saw this thread yesterday when I replied, might give it a try since it's such a high demand it seems.

    For those saying he is going to steal the idea, villager defense games have been on Youtube way before this thread was created.
    If he wants to keep it for his own server so be it, he spent the many hours and days coding it to work correctly.
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    I am not going to keep this for my own server ( I haven't one) I will release this plugin in public
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    TomTheDeveloper I was simply called in as a witness :p I'm glad you are still going on with this. Take as much time as you need.

    P.S. I'm 16 too (most of us are still in school, either High School or College), so I get that feeling.
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    Tom and Ivan, thank you for all your hard work! You guys are making this idea an awesome reality! :D

    PS: Will there be perms for kits? Like if we want VIPs or something to get certain kits?
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    DerpyKitteh Yes, we will add permissions for the kits :)
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    Sorry had to point it out lol.
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  28. Virtual people are better then real people because Virtual people you can leave with no remorse.
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    So is this done? im not going to read through the 160 replies to find out LOL
    so TomTheDeveloper is it?
    sry to bug u.

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