View-Distance... what you guys got it set as? (Experiences)

Discussion in 'Bukkit Discussion' started by andrewkm, Jun 10, 2011.

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    Im quite confused as what the best setting here is. I'm using max, 15 but wondering how everyone else has this set, and if they noticed anything, on this setting/that setting, ect...
    Do share please :) Thanks.
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    "Setting the new server option view-distance lower than 10 reduces the spawn rate significantly."
    ~ Minecraft Wiki (source)

    Right now this is the bug that annoys me the most. If I set it below 10, mobs barely ever spawn and they're not updated. So if a chunk gets unloaded at night and then reloaded during the day, you suddenly see hordes of skeletons and zombies getting burned by what seems to them sudden daylight. If I set it to 10 or above, half my users complain about unplayable lag. I'm running a home server so I set it at the lowest value which is 3. Honestly I can't tell the difference except for a few graphics glitches in previous Bukkit builds.

    I can't wait until Notch fixes this. I want more natural violence on my server. [spider][zombie][creeper]
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    What would affect the lag with setting it at 15?
    The bandwith? Or clients computer?
    If bandwith I should be fine.
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    Just the bandwidth. If a chunk was sent five minutes ago and the player can see it from a distance, the client will still render the old version until the player gets closer and the data is re-sent. Basically setting it too low will make players see things in the distance that possibly aren't there anymore. If you can handle 15 then you've got an excellent range of options in the quality-versus-quantity (of users) scale. :D
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    I think i should be fine, im at 100mbit.
    (I just want the best experience for the users, so if setting it lower would improve it for them i can do that.)
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    my question about the view-distance is:
    what will get better when reducing the view-distance?
    only the bandwidth or maybe the RAM/CPU/Harddisk usage too?
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    Daniel Heppner

    My server is hosted in a datacenter (not by Multiplay, thankfully). Should I be fine setting it to 15? I don't have much ram to spare, though. So what do you think?
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    I got it at default.
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    tha d0ctor

    Same here. Default seems to work fine
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    I have a 100mbit line, tonight when I get home I'll do some testing and give you some network data proportions on chunk viewing.
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    10 is the default, anything over that is pointless in my opinion.
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    The gains from over 50-60 players is rather large going from 15 -> 7 or 10->5
    Yes - bandwidth is affected - but we're also seeing that CPU % is now lower than before - It's hard to exactly say what the best view distance, I suspect 7-8 is the best distance.
    If your server is jammed packed - try it out and do a /debug clock - before and after.
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    With MC 1.7 and CB#953 setting my view-distance to 10 has been causing crashing every 3-4 hours. Anyone else experience this?
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    keep default 10...i heard 3 give no lag, yet its damn tiny
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    It's probably related to something different. I ran #953 for like 5 days (now #978) and I never had this problem.

    I'm still struggling with the mob spawn rate. I wish this is fixed by 1.8, it's VERY important to people like me who run our servers at home on limited bandwidth. If I set it to 3 or 5, lag would reduce dramatically for everyone on my server.
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    why is the max 10 though? :( GRR>
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    The max is 15.
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    aah. I always had lots of errors when using anything > 10..
    Must have been something else i suppose
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