Very weird rollback/disapearing blocks problem

Discussion in 'Bukkit Help' started by thejuggla1, Jul 3, 2013.

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    Plugins: Lockette, Vault, Craftconomy3, Modifyworld, PermissionsEx, NoBreakDoor, MoneyDrop, AntiCreeper3, KeepItems, SignShop, WatchBlock, ChatManager
    I've been noticing a few chunks seem to revert themselves, either to an earlier state or how they originally were also a few people on my server have been saying the same thing. This was before 1.6 running a stable bukkit version, but right now I am on the Dev version for 1.6 and and the problem seems to been happening more frequently I have no idea if it is related(I doubt it because this has happened long before 1.6)

    First time it happened:
    Basically the first time I noticed it was when i dug out a spawner room and made it so water pushed skeletons that spawned from the spawner block down a hole falling to their deaths while dropping their items into a hopper that puts into a chest. A little while later I go to visit this to check my loot and its completely gone, and the spawner room is like how it was found(Although I don't think the chest contents respawned) This also included a bunch of stuff very close by that my friend was building underground but he didn't lose much

    A more recent time this happened is I have this farm that I've slowly upgraded over a few weeks of playing, extended fences separated animals ect. I've had plenty of animals in it but all of a sudden I come on and the fences are like an earlier date and I don't have a single animal in my pens, when I should of had about 50 or so. Sure the animals could of been grief killed, but that doesn't explain the fencing layout is completely different, considering my protection and I am the only admin.

    Aside from those two times, my friends been complaining about losing a decent amount of work today and also had this problem a couple days ago as well. From what I gather from him he logs off comes back few hours later and its like all the work he did is completely gone without a trace.

    Note that some roll backs have been right away and some happened days/weeks later, so I am clueless to the problem.

    My main question I have is, should I send a ticket to my server host? Can this be a server host problem or something related to my plugins? I really want to get this figured out quick because losing progress isn't fun and friends are going to lose interest if it constantly keeps happening.
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