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    Without the bonus features, this plugin is very basic. Here is exactly what it does.

    Player types /wild

    1. plugin forces player to type /warp wild
    2. plugin waits for 5 seconds
    3. plugin checks what world the player is in.

    if world=world, stop process and do nothing.
    if world=wild, continue.

    4. Plugin teleports the player to random coordinates between -3000 and 3000 for x and z (two different numbers)

    If {block below teleported position} = lava or water, then re-teleport them to new coordinates.
    This ensures that players aren't teleported into a lava pool or the middle of the ocean.

    5. Sends player the message "&cThis world will be &4Reset &cevery 2 weeks!"

    The Y coordinate should be the highest block at that location, just like how essentials handles the tppos command. No spawning way up in the air.

    And thats it, it is really that simple. The first part is there to add a teleportation delay to the system. Essentials has a delay for /warp wild, so if the player moves and doesnt get tp'd, the plugin sees that the world has not changed, and does nothing.

    Optional Bonus Features: You can add as many as you want, or add none at all!

    Make the entire sequence configurable. custom warp, custom delay time, custom world, custom coordinate range, and custom message.

    Support for the nether. I want to have this feature for the nether aswell as my standard wild world, but it raises all sorts of complications. Finding the right Y coordinate for example.

    A medium level developer could probably do this in 5 minutes.

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    I don't think this is really simple, but as you said, a medium level developer can do this very easy (probably) :)
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    gustebeast we meet again. Anyways, this isnt hard at all to code: I would just pay a dev like foodlyng to do it.
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