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    Hello everyone i am Sky !

    I want to ask the devloppers in seeking of request and or idea, if they would by interested into the creation of a dedicated plugin for Guilds. (a REAL one not like FATCIONs or PYLAMO rpg !) ;)

    The plugin is simple: (but also complicated)

    -Create the Guild (name)

    -W-E or Cuboïd ready (for setting the size of the building)

    -Dipslay a message when get inside the guild (exemple: You'v entered the Warrior guild)

    -Close doors and chest of the guild house and make it only usable by the Guild members

    -Create guild levels inside the guild ex: Lvl1 Warrior

    -Management of the guild members via a Guild Master as an guild admin

    -Guild account with Iconomy

    -Possibility to create quest by Level with rewards paid by the guild account (only by the guild admin)

    -Guild Quest baord, wich display all the quest available: /Quest (inside the guild for exemple)

    -Possibility for a non-member to recrute a guild member, with a price by level, then it appear in the Guild quest board as Urgent quest (quest only for one member per quest):
    /Recrute(inside the guild for exemple..)
    Guild say: chosse a type of warrior to recrute: Warrior 250$ Templar 350$ Hero 500$

    -Once the urgent quest is done, the Guild member who took it have to set it as done in the guild house: /Done (then guild could reply: You'v did an urgent quest !)

    -Level up system settable by admin like - By urgent quest only, each 20 quest rank up !

    -New permission add automatically per level (exemple setting of a permission by level)

    -Permissions : (for admin)Create guild,(for players) join guild,

    -Language settings, so i can translate the sentence in french :rolleyes:

    Well, i know this is looking like a big huge plugin, but if any devlopper would like to work on it, i am ready for helping, with all my full competences (wich is not enought probably) and more explanation about it.

    So, i hope someone will be ready for it.

    My server really need such a plugin, and i am sure that it will be donwloaded by a lot of people if it exist.


    My server forum : http://guildcraft.frbb.net/
    It is a french server, i am the admin don't hesitate to contact me, Many thanx to all the bukkit community ! (and thx for reading)


    OHww, I was forgetting this ---> i offer the pizza's and the coffees ! (Redbull is to exepensif !)

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    Don Redhorse

    you are not allowed to pay anybody on these forums... just to let you know before you post gets deleted..
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    OK sorry...

    So i should delete the sentence ?

    How can i reward a devlopper who had work to do it ?

    Thanx, and i will modify my post

    Well if someone do it, i will make a donation ! (at least)

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    This could be done by changing factions settings and a few lines of code. You dont need to remake a plugin to change a few tiny things. Have you even looked at the factions config? It has like 200 settings, just think outside of the box. You could even change some of the code to have alternate chat messages. You will have a much larger chance of getting someone o mod factions than you will of having someone create something thats already been made.
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    If someone think he can do that by this way, sounds fine.

    Result is priority n° 1

    Are you able to do this ?
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    YES you can! You just cannot ask for money! Jeez, stop telling people that!
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    ^^ Wel in my first post i was saying, that i could pay for the release of the plugin.
    So at least if i may not say it so, just let you know guys that i will do a nice donation and i will offer some coffe or pizzas during the devloppement ! :D

    I really need a full GUILD plugin, my server is a full RP and not faction only, so i need guilds wich can provide different services than only fighting. That's why i think that a dedicated plugin should be better.

    Now the plugin wich look the most as my idea is: CommandShops
    But the interface has to be for quest selling not items, and guilds managing not shops

    Waffletastic --> Thx for the explanation ;)
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    turt2live Retired Staff

    Correction: You can't do it on these forums, you can do it via a private IRC channel, email, Skype, anywhere but Bukkit. Offering/asking for money is against the Bukkit TOS (click "Rules" at the top of this page and read #5)
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    Don Redhorse

    well the TOS say you can't sell things... and the bukkit team extended that rule that if you offer money the other guys needs to sell things so that is forbidden..

    read the forums... not my idea...
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    True and if you need selling/buying just use the personal messaging. . .
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    No, you cannot ask for money nor can you offer it. We prefer it if it was taken off site.
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    Well, well... -_-'

    Looks like this topic became famous about 'Rules' :p

    By the way, i will not say then, what i may not, so you will understand...

    Thank you to all of us for helping me.

    Also, if anyone want to do this plugin, just let it know :rolleyes:

    I will just finished with that famous sentence : a Lannister always pays his debt [gold]
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    Wait, This is basicly Factions!
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    OK, so explain me how to create a GUILD not a faction wich should be a "guild" but a GUILD a real GUILD like in Oblivion for example.. (Factions = Country or area forces) (Guild = Brotherhood of people form differente factions wich provide skills & quest)

    My guilds, are not fighting guilds only so FACTION will not work for my stuff...

    Well, as far as i test faction, i didn't been able to create what i need.
    A simple Guild wich provide Quest.

    So i understand that faction is a good and complet plugin,(i try it already) it's just that i need something different.

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