Problem/Bug Very low TPS for no apparent reason

Discussion in 'General Help' started by TheOtakuJames, Apr 25, 2016.

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    Basically, my server (which I have had with Minespan for 11 months now) has been running at a very low TPS for the last couple of days. The average TPS is now 8-10. Sometimes it goes into the high teens, but it is very uncommon.
    Until basically Saturday, the server never went below 18.0 TPS, and was usually 19.9. I have not added any new plugins, and have not altered any configs. I only added 1 plugin after it started, but it was a replacement for the old /pvp plugin we had, and I know for a fact that this will not chew up anything. I have looked for any redstone devices that could be lagging, but none are on the server.

    The server has 8 GB of storage, and we are only using 2GB of that, so we have plenty spare. The CPU usage is also fine.

    Attached to this thread is a list of my plugins. I am running Spigot 1.9.2 (2016-04-02-a).

    I am completely stumped to why this may be happening, and have been searching for an answer for a while now. Hopefully someone here can help.

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    Although plugin count does not really matter for plugins, why do you have 73 plugins? Most likely, one of those plugins is running more tasks/updating more than before and that is causing the lag. Either you can remove some plugins that are not needed, change the maximum amount of ram the server can use by editing the run.bat, make sure map sizes are not too large (as larger worlds take up memory), and/or going through each plugin and cleaning up the amount of things it has to process*.

    * By this I mean you may need to remove some of the things the plugin does or checks for. For example, may want to remove some claimed areas if you own a protection plugin, or remove particles or holograms if you have any effects plugins.
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    Eight gigabytes of RAM should be plenty to support seventy-three plugins. I would get a couple of plugins to help reduce lag, which should also make the TPS better. AntiLagg helps remove unneeded mobs and entities from your worlds, LagFixer refreshes your java memory on a set interval, and UHC Chunk Preloader unloads chunks that are no longer being used. Give these plugins a try and see if it makes your TPS any better.
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    Hia, thanks both of you for your help!
    @Poppycorn I have had ClearLagg for a while, along with ChunkFixer.
    @Zombie_Striker Yea, it's a lot! I have that many because we have multiple worlds, and each one needs different plugins for gamemodes!
    However, I have found the cause of the problem, just forgot to post on here as well as Spigot. It turns out that at the time, Minespan was having an overheating on the computer I was being hosted from. I will keep both of these ideas in mind if anything ever happens again!
    Once again, thanks for your help!
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