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    I need a plugin that basically makes receipts when right-clicked it will tell you what was bought and the tax and total in the chat(only to you though).If anyone can get back to me and make it,i would really appreciate it!:)
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    I dont understand?
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    Me n'either... Please, explain more in detail... I guess this is to be used in addition of a shop plugin?
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    No,i need it to be like a receipt plugin for an economy server.I want it to be stored in a file wich with the in-game command /recepit view ? ?=the ticket number

    I also want it to genorate a random ticket at the command /receipt new [playername] [Items] [Prices(in order with items) the playername is who the receipt is assigned.

    I want it to show what items were purchased and how much each cost.
    I would also like it better if you could add temporary receipts such as I use /receipt start and /receipt stop and in between that it would keep track of the progress.Like colony88 said it would be very useful with Iconomy and Iconomy chest shop support.As when you buy something it can add to a single receipt to your name.

    I hope i explained in better detail. :)
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    Atomic Fusion

    Organisation is crucial to communication. Also, descriptive titles are descriptive.
    • Are receipts generated by some sort of "buy item event", or are they generated through a command?
    • Do receipts merely consist of a list of items, quantities, and prices?
    • How does one view these receipts? Commands? You mention right clicking. What do you mean?
    • Do these receipts have a life span?
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    They are generated by buying something from Iconomy chest shop wich adds to your receipt.
    A single receipt is assigned to every player on the server and keeps track of purchased items and how much it costs.
    I also want admins to use the command /receipt clear [player/all] to clear a players receipt or everyones receipt.
    Regular players can use /receipt view to see theirs
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    Alright so what I gather from this is that you want everyone on the server to have their own "tab" almost, in which all of their iconomy transactions are stored?

    I would probably recommend using vault for the development to allow for mult economy plugin support

    Just my two cents ;)
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    I just want the mod developed.I will install anything needed to get it done,

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