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Discussion in 'Bukkit Discussion' started by bukloveur, Sep 2, 2011.

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  1. Hello Everyone, Minecraft is boring, then the beginning is great have bored!

    Mo'creature is not possible in multiplayer, I saw a person he had but it was not he who had set up, so I'm looking for plugins that gives some trouble!

    More spawn, the mobs do more damage, death and so the items are deleted! I also take your ideas to make it more difficult!

    I am also looking for plugins like millennium but there skins and items and more, I want one that is similar except that the skin would celuis of monster (for all).

    Then they dung => board => cobblestone and a new cube there they would do in place of the stone! It would be good for the players to have a camp and so!

    Thank you in advance for your answer if you have any advice I take them!
  2. Was there a question?
  3. I wonder if there are plugins as I ask, to make the server really difficult!
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    there a lot of plugins there that doing your life harder but i don't sure you can find them in search so go and look in all the list of plugins here one CreeperSheep.
  5. Yes I need just the name for me to go look because I am very bad at English and I can not understand the usefulness of some plugins I'm French I use a translator ...

    Zombie Apocalypse is fun but i need natural spawn invasion =) (no very important invasion beacause minecraft crash ^^)
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    A hunger mod would be nice...
  7. Oh yeah that's it! I had the idea but I forget! Thank you! =)
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    I've also got a fear mod, but that's extremely hardcore...:confused:
    When you see a monster, your insanity rises, to the point where you hallucinate (you hear sounds,monsters seem to spawn near you), same for dark places...In the end,if you don't get near another player/npc, your're dead!
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    Daniel Heppner

    Wrong section, reported.
  10. I wonder if people can make plugins which makes the game more difficult so it's not a bad section.

    sdddgjd i have hunger thank ;)
    i need plugin "more spawn"

    Why no plugin available to add more monsters?!

    It is enough that it will create an NPC spawn just once or more, which attacks the player when he see it, with some stuff, all configurable by the player that the number of monsters and more, the name of the mob (which will the skin of the player of the same name so in addition there will be no need for skin mods)

    And all it would be good, nice and mobs of bad guys!
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    Cosmic Break

    herobrine unleashed

    search and you will find.
  12. I'm French and I can not understand the utility of a plugin or even as the troubadours in French does not have the same meaning of words, so when one has to explain better I can understand, or when there often to video camera into an explanation I understand, but otherwise I can not understand!

    herobrine unleashed

    It's good I already I see your the last to see if that's what I want if I venture into the code and try to code a plugin to create NPC with names of players =) + as human skin, but it will take for the skin of the name that will be fully configurable.

    Thank you =)
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    Thats just wrong....
  14. CreeperSheep is really difficult to make because the wool is very time it can use'm hard to get! Also be careful with the grass and lighting around the house or too bright or too dark, it's really fun and my server thought it was great, but until I have no plugin that pvp be activated by the players, at least I try some without permission and it can be to not walk requires a permission? : /

    Otherwise advancedmobs is too complicated for me I really do not understand how to use it to make it difficult, I do not want to change the spawn, I increased it

    i go sleep bye =) good da ! (it's 01:21 for french >.<)
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