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Discussion in 'Plugin Development' started by arjanforgames, Dec 15, 2013.

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    Let's say I spawn an arrow entity just above my player.
    Is it possible to set it's velocity so it will land exactly at a marked spot?
    So it will shoot up higher/faster if it's far away etc.
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    Hello, you could save the distance as a variable, then multiply the vector depending on the distance, tho i think there's a method to set exact travel route for Entities. Not sure...
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    Yeah, so I'm having trouble with this that's why I posted here.
    Please post a snippet of code that could help me calculating everything, I'm bad at mathematics ;)
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    I think it's very difficult to have it land at an exact spot unless you set the arrow speed so high that it basically avoids gravity.

    To fire it "towards" a certain point, you want to use a little bit of geometry for that :)

    If you have two points, A and B, the direction from one to the other is the line segment that connects them. A vector is basically a line segment with one end at the origin, so to get a direction vector from two points you subtract one from the other- making one of them the origin.

    Translated to code, that would look like:
    // Assume you have two Location's, playerLocation and targetLocation
    Vector direction = targetLocation.toVector().subtract(playerLocation.toVector());

    This will give you a direction from the first point to the second. Firing an arrow with this vector should approximate firing an arrow as if the target were under your crosshairs- but this does not account for gravity, just like you would have to if you were shooting the bow normally.

    Hope that helps! :)
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    Additionally you can also constantly reset the arrows velocity each tick to the wanted direction and speed. That way you can avoid the gravity influence.
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