vehicle -> setPassenger() doesn't work

Discussion in 'Plugin Development' started by DASASS, Aug 31, 2012.

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    Hey, I just tried something:
    I have a Minecart(Position1, Passenger, Velocity) and want to remove it, then spawn a new Minecart at Position2 with the same Passenger and Velocity.
    public void Respawn(VehicleMoveEvent event){
      Vector velocity = event.getVehicle().getVelocity();
      Entity passenger = event.getVehicle().getPassenger();
      Entity Cart2 = World.spawnEntity(Position2, EntityType.MINECART);
    If the passenger is a mob/villager etc. it works fine, but as soon as I am the passenger myself, the minecart gets a problem.
    Then the minecart "teleports" from Position1 to Position2 and I get spawned in Cart2, BUT the Cart2 has no velocity, cannot be moved by me and doesnt react on physics, it just stands around with me as passenger.
    Does anyone know, why this problem appears and how to fix it?

    no ideas?:confused:

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    It looks ok to me.. the only thing I see wrong is you have casted an Entity to an Entity again, undoing that wont fix the problem, but it will be more correct. You might want to try delaying the set velocity for 5-10 ticks (look up task scheduling on the bukkit wiki if you dont know how).
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    could I tell the minecart to update after the respawn? How can you do that ?
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