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Discussion in 'General Help' started by CariPruna, Jan 19, 2015.

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    I don't have a Specific Problem But Various Problems So I just made that the Thread Name. First in our list of Issues For some odd reason I get this error "An internal error occurred while attempting to perform this command" on the server when I do Multiverse Portals plugin commands. I also looked in the Console and it appears that there is a error for World edit. I don't know what to do now however. If its World edit's fault then what do I do next? Remove world edit? I'm Using Multiverse portal's 1.7.4 When I have a 1.7.9 server (and I'm using 1.7.9 World edit) But on the Plugin list everything seems fine so what do I do? (That's the snapshot) Next I continue having this OTHER error pop out (YES A LOT OF ERRORS I'M SORRY OKAI) Where I cant find right now (So Sorry) but Ill basically summarize what i read. It had to do with a plugin i have installed by the name of ProtocolLib. It basically stated on my server as i was fixing the spawn that its not connecting to bukkit for updates and if its my first time seeing this warning then the website might be down time?? It was not my first time seeing the error but my first time seeing it on the server... So Help. Please? Last but not least Essentials Chat. This is more like a question Sorta. Essentials chat has these Brackets on my server chat that i don't like. I did the going down to the config of essentials, finding essential chat config tab and removing them manually but for some reason that did not work. It has before but i guess one of the plugins I have are interfering? Eventually I thought that i should just remove Essentials chat completely thinking that the Brackets would go away. They did not, it actually removed my Ranks on the server. (So i added it back) Any idea on how to remove them? Please don't say using the essentials config because i already did that and it does not work for me. NOW THE PLUGIN LIST.

    • Bending
    • WorldEdit
    • DeepVanish
    • NoRain
    • Vault
    • Clearlag
    • ProtocolLib
    • HealthBar
    • Multiverse-Core
    • PermissionsEX
    • WorldGuard
    • Essentials
    • Citizen
    • EssentialsProtect
    • EssentialsSpawn
    • SleepEasy
    • Multiverse-Portals
    • WhatisIt
    • CraftBook
    • xTeam
    • EssentialsChat
    • EnjinMinecraftPlugin
    • floAuction

  2. @CariPruna The issue with Multiverse portals is a known one already. They don't look like they will be fixing it any time soon, obviously I didn't make it so I don't know but I presume it will cause issues throughout the rest of it's life.
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    So what do I do With the Multiverse portals Issue? Any other plugin that lets me use portals? Is there anything i can do to substitute it temporarily? Is Multiverse Portals plugin useless at this moment?
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