Vanilla Plugins On Bukkit - You Guys MUST SEE

Discussion in 'Bukkit Discussion' started by OliTheG, Jun 17, 2011.

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    I've wanted something like this for awhile because my users and I have wanted Planes mod since.. well today is Saturday so... FOREVER.

    I downloaded the modded jar and tried running it but ran into OutofStream errors so I posted in the above forum. We'll wait and see what comes of it. If this can get worked out, I think the bukkit team should look into possible implementations. Granted, planes mod is both a server and client side mod, but the users of my server don't mind downloading client side mods to take advantage of additional features so... I may be the black sheep in that case.
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    imo the only solution to what we dream of is a client server relationship in which client talks to server to find out what mods are needed then downloads and installs them on its own. Client ofc would to be globaly used as well.
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    idk why people truly bother with modloader anymore when the power that is SpoutCraftAPI is right around the corner...
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    Because for one, it's been worked with alot longer and there's far more stuff out there, and quite unarguably more impressive stuff already out for modloader than spout. Secondly, you sorta need bukkit, to um, run it...
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    Yes there is alot more stuff developed for SINGLE PLAYER Minecraft under the Modloader banner. The whole concept of why Modloader is an utter failure was summarized quite nicely by the Spout Dev Team on their page.

    Of course there is more impressive stuff for Single Player Minecraft as Single Player mods are 100x easier to do. When you account for a server and players becomes a nightmare that Spout is finally solving.

    It will only be a matter of time before all of those Single Player mod makers jump onto the Spout train (when SpoutcraftAPI is released) and leave the defunt Modloader behind.
  7. word!
    Spout will become a standard for sure!
    In my upcoming server Spoutcraft will become a requirement.
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    There's also alot more stuff for smp as well, most mods generally worth anything asides from millenaire has smp support. Given that you'll be required to install everything yourself, but there are ways around that.

    Their whole section talks about incompatibility, though last I checked, modloader does actually work on bukkit, given you'll need to remod some files for compatibility, course that's like expecting spout mods to work on vanilla servers. There are also other works such as minecraft forge aimed at extending compatibility of mods. Which all in all is pointless to say that modloader isn't very compatible, since the tools are out there just like spout is a tool, if people don't make use of it well that is their own problem.

    There's no point in saying modloader is defunct unless you've got a better vanilla plugin to replace it. You can't go comparing two apis that can't even run on the same system natively. So will spout ever replace modloader, probably not. Will modloader ever be replaced by something else, maybe, but it sure won't be spout.
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    *Noob mode activated.* But what is all this vanilla all about? *Noob mode deactivated.*
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    Wont spout simply do this. Because spout can do almost anything if the client and the server both have spout.
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