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    Plugin category: [ADMN/FUN]

    Suggested name: VanillaWorlds (Or something like that)

    A bit about me: Just another small server owner who want's some variety.

    What I want: Well, basically a plugin that can allow you to create a new world via Multiverse, and have that world be pure vanilla. Essentially disable ALL (or some) plugins in that world. And upon joining that world, you can play just as you would in Vanilla! I think this would give server owners a bigger variety of possibilities! Normally, when you add a plugin, it affects the whole server, every world and all. Hopefully with this, it can keep that from happening and only specific worlds can have them.

    Ideas for commands:
    /vanilla addworld <worldname> (Add a Vanilla world.)
    /vanilla remworld <worldname> (Remove a Vanilla world.)
    /vanilla addplugin <worldname> (If you want to add only a single plugin function to that world.)
    /vanilla remplugin <worldname> (If you want to remove a plugin you added.)

    Ideas for permissions:
    vanillaworld.admin (Gives access to commands.)

    Ideas for configuration:
    Maybe a list of worlds enabled and a list of plugins they have enabled.

    When I'd like it by: If you're willing to make it, anytime is good by me :)

    Additional Information: I haven't seen something like this done before, so I figured I would make a little request for it to be done :)

    Thanks for reading! I hope someone takes this up!
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    Deleted user

    Can be easily done with PEX.
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    PEX? How so?

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