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    Plugin category: Admin

    Suggested name:V.I.P. PASS

    What I want:
    I want a plugin where everyone that loggin in for that day they all get put into VIp group via PEX

    Ideas for commands: /vip toggle: To toggle VIP Passes

    Ideas for permissions: vip.toggle : Toggle VIP Pass

    When I'd like it by: Anytime we can discuss

    Similar plugin requests: None.

    I can offer money!
    Add me on skype : gursewak57
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    But besides that, I'm just curious. What's the point of it... Like, why would you want everyone who logs on become a VIP?

    If you want, you could just set that rank in PEX to be the default rank.
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    Yes thats why I didnt go into detail about money and also I want this a BIG event I can have to promote the server also if I set VIP as default it sets Everyone to VIP I just want the people that logon that certain day they get promoted
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    Hmm. Would a time-promote plugin work?

    Put it in the server at midnight and restart. Set the time to promote for like 1 second. Whoever logs in on that day will automatically be promoted. Then, at 11:59, take out the plugin. That would be my solution. Hope it helps. :D
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    Could Help Ill try But I am still open to the request
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    I could make a plugin so that when they login it ranks them to VIP. There would be no config though (/me is noob)
    PM me for more info
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    Really, having a plugin that ranks everyone up is the same as having a plugin that ranks everyone up after 1 second of playing.
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    Well I saw the auto promoting things most of them arent updated
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    ... Then you didn't look hard enough... Seriously, there are dozens and dozens of different promotion plugins out there.
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    Can you give me one?
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    any others?
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    This could be done quite easily would you want them to be removed from vip at the end of the day?
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    Probably Just when I remove the plugin it stops
    Or When I do /vip toggle u can disable or enable

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