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Discussion in 'Plugin Development' started by Orcem12, Apr 19, 2011.

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    I need some assistance in making plugins using Net beans because it seems every time I run eclipse it gives me the error message no JRE and JDK found I have them both installed in the path it requests using the Advanced settings (Path settings) Doubled and triple checked, So I now use NetBeans and it's working great, however I'm new to the software. I studied it all last night trying to learn everything I could but I still need some issues. Currently I have the 3 Classes established - For example Source is the name so my classes are,, And this is where I get lost for some strange reason. Like I posted before go ahead call me the noob I'm still learning :) What I'm asking is any advice from Plugin Dev. that use netbeans to help me out.


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    Daniel Heppner

    I use NetBeans and I love it. It's so much less cluttered than Eclipse. Message me with what you need help with, I know some cool tricks. :p

    Also, people are going to try to convert you to using Eclipse. Don't let them. (remind you of religion?) ;)
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    Thou shall use Eclipse!
    Nah, just kidding ;)
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    @Orcem12: First of all, nice to see that some else is making an attempt to write plugins for CB ^^

    To your topic: I had the same message as since i installede the latest JDK. You have to specify the path within the eclipse.ini to get it working.

    Visit Section "Specifying the VM" on Page , (Direct Link) There is an option called VM. You have to enter the correct path to the javaw.exe file.

    But note: On Windows Vista/7 whatsoever you have to use the 8.3 path notation (the short names like PROGRA~1)
    - open your cmd then type "cd \" to get to the root path. you should now see C:\
    - navigate to your java directory where jdk is installed. (normally C:\PROGRA~1\Java\jdk1.6\bin\javaw.exe but check for yourself!)
    - copy into "FOR %%A IN ("%CD%") DO ECHO.%%~sA" without quotation marks
    - press enter
    - mark the line that will be shown and use it instead of C:\Java stuff shown in the link above
    - close eclipse
    - open eclipse.ini
    - modify eclipse.ini (you only need the line -vm and the path directly under it)
    - save the file

    Now Eclipse will not show this message again and run with jdk instead of jre.

    If you want to use Netbeans (i prefer this over eclipse) then you dont have to worry about maven builds. I would recommend to use maven for your plugins too because you can compile it at command line. See Maven in 5 minutes and Getting started for further details.

    If you want to use maven in eclipse there is a plugin for that see: Installation Guide for Eclipse

    Sometimes i switch back to Eclipse when it comes to maven pom configuration because with m2eclipse it provides the good old interface for editing the pom file via GUI. Netbeans can handle Maven Project but as far as i know there is no complex interface for editing maven pom.xml files.


    Speaking of how to setup a plugin .. you have to look into existing sources of an 677/684 compatible plugin. Many has changed e.g. those constructor stuff with super call isnt needed any longer since when the plugin is to be loaded it will only make use on onEnable(). Register Events f.e. should be placed inside onEnable() or in a method that is called when onEnable() is triggered.

    - oops-i-broke-your-plugins
    - On Namespaces
    - Getting your prioritys straight
    - Sammy's Small Chunks of Code
    - Samkio's Bukkit Update Tutorial (note that he is using *.bukkits namespace at the time he created the video. DO NOT DO THIS as the namespace is locked and your plugin will not load, refer to On Namespaces)
    - Study the Bukkit API

    --- later ---
    - Persistence in Bukkit

    That should be it for the moment ;)

    - Lycano
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    All see what I can do to get this to work got it to open so maybe I can start unleashing some of my ideas.... :D Anyways thanks for the help! I'm currently working on a little project of mine message me! :)
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    Shure i would like to hear more. New ideas are welcome =)
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    Please can you make a tutorial on how to use NetBeans to make plugins.
    I´m desperate to make a plugin.
    If you do it, every time I make a plugin in the credits I will put:

    Daniel Heppner
    for: showing me to make plugins.

    And then the link to your plugins.

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    I'm also trying with netbeans, i finally managed to import the bukkit api....
    i'm also in need of a tutorial pls.....
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    I'd like to use Net Beans for PLugindevelopment, but I just don't get how to include the plugin.yml when building the .jar . Are there any tutorials?
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