Using GPU To Increase Performance?

Discussion in 'Bukkit Discussion' started by Wintergrasped, Jul 3, 2014.

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    Ok so is it possible to to boost the performance of a Bukkit server by some how using the GPU to take some off the work instead of the CPU / RAM doing all of the work because I remember some one told me a GPU is basically a specialized HighSpeed CPU(Not Sure If That Statement is valid or not.). Also, I remember a while ago i found a way to run Minecraft To render Via GPU instead of CPU integrated Graphics. Which brought my FPS from like 650ish to WELL above 1000+. So i was Woundering If it was possible to use the GPU to boost the performance of A bukkit server.

    Why i ask this? Well simply because I run my server on a retired gaming PC and well the graphics cards are sitting there doing nothing.


    FX-6100 4.2Ghz(Water Cooled)
    16GB DDR3 1666
    2x GTX 560Ti
    250GB SSD

    Internet 75 down : 50 up
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    GPUs are usually for calculating images - and thats what they do in Minecraft as well. (You won't get many FPS with CPU rendering)

    They can be used for other types of computing, but that requires special programming, as these cards are highly parallel.
    MC itself does not even multiple CPU cores well, so it won't do good on GPUs either.

    And most important: To let the Server use the GPU would make no sense, as normal servers usually have no GPU. ;)
  3. You could give that card to me, it'll surely be better than my amd radeon hd 6450 hd.
    (I'm kinda serious here, I would even want to buy it if not too expensive)
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