Using Factions + Towny Together

Discussion in 'Bukkit Discussion' started by 8thDimension, Jun 6, 2012.

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    Hello Bukkit!

    On my server, I currently have the factions plugin installed and all seems to be going smoothly. However, there are players who would rather not take part in factions and would rather build in towns/cities..

    So, I want to ask the people of the bukkit forums: How does factions + towny go together?

    Are there anything conflicting or somethings I should worry about? Basically, I just want users to be able to make towns/villages as an alternative to joining a faction.


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    If you did this your players would have to have their towny plots claimed and everyone thats in the town invited into the faction. Its a lot of pointless work, and if anyone for instance claims your towny plots, it might lock you both out from building, and then there is the posibility of a warzone, if you allow your players to issue those.

    Factions or Towny?
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    I don't see the need of adding in the lmgtfy link, however, I see what you mean.
    I've seen servers use both before, however I think just having factions alone should be fine for my situation.
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    You're best off using them on seperate worlds, though if you want to have existing builds become towns it can certainly be done. The towny irc is a great place to talk about this.
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