Plugin Help Users can build in some areas of world but not others?

Discussion in 'Plugin Help/Development/Requests' started by kengleason, Jul 5, 2015.

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    Hi- This is probably a newbie question, but I've looked around and I'm at a bit of a loss. I have modifyworld and Essentials installed (but with AntiBuild disabled), and with a simple permissionsEx file straight out of the tutorial (member, admin, mod, default, etc.) I have everything seemingly working fine... almost.

    Users in any group with modifyworld.* are able to successfully break, place and interact with blocks in a certain zone, but outside of that, nothing. Even better, I'm not getting anything in the log or any of the modifyworld error messages that indicate something is not permissioned correctly.

    the only plugins I have are essentials, modifyworld, and the multiverse*... am I doing something dumb or is something broken? (Using Spigot 1.8.7).

  2. Have you tried to set the spawn-protection in the to 0?
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