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    Plugin Name: UsernameInfo

    What I would like: I would like a plugin where when you hover over someones username, is shows information about the player. Like this: 2015-06-05_23.30.33.png

    If you can add variables like:
    %player%: player name
    %balance%: players balance
    %faction%: players faction
    %FactionPower%: Players Faction Power
    %kills%: players Kills
    %Deaths%: players deaths
    %KDR%: Dill death ratio

    Please add a config so i can edit it.
    Add color code support please.
    if you can, add multi-world support, i don't want people to hover over someones name if a plotme creative world and see someones faction, and balance, etc, in that world.

    /UsernameInfo reload - Reloads config

    usernameinfo.reload - Permission to reload config

    When would I like this done by:

    Thank you
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    what bukkit/spigot version should it be? the protocolhacked 1.7.10 or 1.8.3?
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  3. @gijs_wl In this section you should assume it's Bukkit, not Spigot :)
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    I know, but this is the time most people want/need to upgrade to 1.8, so you never know :p
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    timtower Administrator Administrator Moderator

    Moved to Bukkit alternatives
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    Okay, i thought you werent going to respond so i picked up something else, but ill try to make it as well
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    @gijs_wl sorry i didn't respond sooner, i had no time over the weekend. Thanks
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