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    Hello all,

    There are many wonderful nickname plugins around, but sadly I have yet to find a plugin that makes it possible to have both your username and your nickname show up when you chat. I run a popular roleplay server and I want my users to be able to use their nicknames in chat. At the same time I want to be able to keep track of who's who and especially when players don't use spout it would get very confusing whether the person standing in front of you is actually the person talking to you!

    That's why I think a simple solution would be to have your name appear in chat like this:

    '(Username) Nickname: text'
    '(lollerskates88) James Dawkins: Hello there!'

    Preferably with some colouring so I could gray out the username.

    I have tried many plugin combinations and even chat plugins that claim to have two variables, such as %player and %displayer from the PEX ChatManager - but they all print out the nickname. I was wondering whether this would be a difficult feature to implement and if anyone would be willing to have a go at it. It would be very much appreciated :)
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    lol768 Retired Staff

    OP: PEX ChatManager issue looks like a bug. Have you contacted the deeloper?

    For developers:
    Nickname will be controlled via: player.setDisplayName() and player.getDisplayName();
    Username would be via player.getName()

    Intercept AsyncPlayerChactEvent
    Cancel it, broadcast it yourself?

    This would allow for permissions, as to who is able to see the actual username.

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