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    SpoutPlayers 2.0.5[formerly SpoutPlayerSkins]
    Donate - THANKYOU!!!
    Change player models, skins, capes, names, gravity, jump height, walk, air, and swim speed, render distance and many more!

    Project Page:
    Please submit problems with SpoutPlayers to:

    Settings can be stored in your config file or mySQL database.
    Restrict user permission to allow/deny changing of values.
    Change groups of players with one edit.

    Create a group type:
    /set @<type> <groupName> <value>
    Set a players type to a value or group type:
    /set <playerName> <type> <value>
    Reset a players type value to default:
    /set <playerName> <type>
    Display info:
    /set <playerName>

    /set nil0bject
    /set skin admin*.png
    /set nil0bject skin admin
    result: my skin would be set to
    /set skin admin
    result: my skin would be set to
    /set nil0bject skin
    result: my skin would be set to

    <type>s are:
    - name: change the name
    - cape: change the cape
    - skin: change the skin
    - mob: change into a mob with a valid ID number of a minecraft entity. Get them from the wiki.
    - grav: changes how quickly you will fall. will still take fall damage. will get kicked if floating for too long.
    - walk: how fast you walk
    - swim: how fast you swim
    - air: how fast you fly
    - sight: how far the player can see. reduce lag or increase visibility.
    - jump: how high you can jump
    - fly: true or false
    - pm: send an achievement notification to a player with your name and message
    - warn: constantly send a warning to a player until you send another warning with only a fullstop in it

    Server Installation
    1. Download SpoutPlayers
    2. Download Spout.
    3. Copy SpoutPlayers.jar and Spout.jar into your bukkit servers plugin folder.
    4. Start or restart your bukkit server.

    Player Installation
    1. Download SpoutCraft Linux: jar Windows: exe MacOS X: app.
    (optional)1.1. Copy Spoutcraft.jar to where your minecraft launcher is.
    2. Open Spoutcraft.jar.
    3. Login with your minecraft account.
    4. Wait for a clean copy of minecraft to be downloaded and modded.
    (this does not modify your original minecraft)
    5. Connect to a bukkit server running Spout and SpoutPlayers!!


    2.0.5 MultiWorld support for MySQL servers
    * if you use MySQL to store your SpoutPlayers data, then you now can set player type values on a per world basis.
    * /set <playerName> <worldName> <type> <value>
    # /set nil0bject world skin*.png
    # /set nil0bject world_nether skin
    # /set nil0bject world_the_end skin
    * this isn't supported with config files yet. please consider using MySQL.
    2.0.3 - More @<types>!
    - you can now use the @<type> command with all the types to make groups with names.
    eg. /set skin nameOfMyGroup

    - fixed the console spamming
    - added more default options when a new SpoutPlayers/config.yml file is created

    -SpoutPlayers now saves your settings

    - updated to work with latest craftbukkit 1.2.5 and latest SpoutPlugin/SpoutCraft 1.2.5
    [COLOR=#000000][FONT=Georgia][COLOR=#141414][B]1.9.1 - bug fix[/B][/COLOR][/FONT][/COLOR]
    - fixed error with morphing into mobs.
    1.9 - Private Messages via Achievements!
    - add a new <type>: pm
    - this will send an achievement notification to a player with your name and message
    - much easier than finding your name in the chat log
    - usage: /set nil0bject pm Hey.What_ya_doing?
    - nb: currently messages can only be one word, and less than 26 characters.

    -fixed a few bugs with the config and warn type.

    -trying to fix permissions errors
    SpoutPlayers 1.8 - warnings and morphing
    - send an achievement notification to any player. will keep warning until it is reset
    - /set nil0bject warn stopMessingAround*
    the warning can only be one word on the command line, so it's best to setup premade warnings in your config(warns:) or mysql(SPwarns)
    reset warning:
    - /set nil0bject warn .
    - /set nil0bject warn

    - morph into any entity installed in all connected clients
    - this means, using the ID number of an entity(eg Ghast is 56), you can change your appearance for other players, not yourself.
    - /set @mob ghast 56
    - /set nil0bject mob ghast
    and then for lulz
    - /set nil0bject grav 0.1
    - /set nil0bject air 100
    - /set nil0bject fly true
    - if all clients have a mod installed, that includes a custom entity, you just need to know that entities ID and everyone can change into it.
    - who has some cool minecraft models?
    - this is part of the custom player model integration.

    Vanilla Entities
    entity, ID
    "Creeper", 50
    "Skeleton", 51
    "Spider", 52
    "Giant", 53
    "Zombie", 54
    "Slime", 55
    "Ghast", 56
    "PigZombie", 57
    "Enderman", 58
    "CaveSpider", 59
    "Silverfish", 60
    "Pig", 90
    "Sheep", 91
    "Cow", 92
    "Chicken", 93
    "Squid", 94
    "Wolf", 95


    ------------------future updates-----------------
    - custom entity skins
    - hide name
    - respawn with different values. ie zombies!!
    - custom player models(will require client mod)

    Donate - THANKYOU!!!
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    but 1.9 just came out.......
    it's a lot of work, i'll wait for cb1.9

    did you try it with 1.8.1? i haven't. what kind of errors do you get?
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    - Is it possible to apply the change of Skin on only one world?
    - Do we make that a whole group of players have the same skin?

    Thank you.

    Pressed great for these functions for the RP.
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    I can add the ability to only have skins apply ion one world.
    I'm adding group skins now.

    You're welcome. Thankyou for using my mod and requesting good features!
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    Hello dude ! Nice work but when
    I'm running your plugin with cb 1060, and mysql I get this error ...

    And sometimes I've got the new skin and sometime my default skin... why ?

    Thank you for your answer :)
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    Yeah, I'm looking into the player respawn bug.... Sorry about the hassle. wait a bit longer. thanks.
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    Okay ! (If I can help you just tell me)
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    - support for CraftBukkit 1185 and Spout-dev 388+
    - bugfix: PLAYER_RESPAWN null exception. This is due to Bukkit. I have made a 'hack' to update the player appearance after they respawn. See next comment.
    - config: 'preferences: updateFreq: int_value' - this tells your server how often to check if a players appearance needs to be updated. Smaller int_value means faster updates. try 50, 100, 150, 200, etc
    - performance fixes, code cleaning, etc, etc

    If you'd like to change the player model, please see my client mod!

    can you try out the new version, please? cheers!

    If you'd like to change the player model, please see my client mod!

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    Okay I tried alone on my server and mysql storage is not working. It create tables but it doesn't save anything when I write /skin url in game it change but in my db nothing is written.

    I get also this when I'm coming on the server :

    I'll tell you in 1 or 2 hours when some players will come if I see other bugs.
    :) Thank you for your quick support ! :)
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    @sbeex what skin URL have you set for yourself in the config and/or mysql?
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    Laggs like hell when someone joins or leaves the game.
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    does the lag get better a while, or is it constant? Can you make preferences: debug: true in the config.yml, and post the output when it happens? thanks!

    - fixed the lag problem
    - added saving, only if you use mySQL (tell me if you want saving to the config file)
    - code improvements

    Also, the example configuration in the original post has been updated. Take a look if you want groups.

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    I will tell you about it, when version 1.7 does not work.

    Got this error:
    20:18:43 [SEVERE] Could not pass event PLAYER_JOIN to SpoutPlayerSkins
    at nil0bject.spout.SpoutPlayerAppearance.setPlayerCloak(
    at nil0bject.spout.listeners.SpoutPlayerListener.updatePlayerCloak(
    at nil0bject.spout.listeners.SpoutPlayerListener.updatePlayerAppearance(
    at nil0bject.spout.listeners.SpoutPlayerListener.onPlayerJoin(
    at org.bukkit.plugin.RegisteredListener.callEvent(
    at org.bukkit.plugin.SimplePluginManager.callEvent(
    at net.minecraft.server.ServerConfigurationManager.c(
    at net.minecraft.server.NetLoginHandler.b(
    at net.minecraft.server.NetLoginHandler.a(
    at net.minecraft.server.Packet1Login.a(SourceFile:59)
    at net.minecraft.server.NetworkManager.b(
    at net.minecraft.server.NetLoginHandler.a(
    at net.minecraft.server.NetworkListenThread.a(SourceFile:94)
    at net.minecraft.server.MinecraftServer.h(

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    ok, sorry about that FlawlezZ

    - this should fix a number of problems involved with the 1.7 update
    - sometimes the capes don't load. not sure if this is a spout issue or not
  15. It's to bad there's no plugin like this that somehow manage to work without spoutcraft. Always had the same problem with spoutcraft only working until it updates. Then it just crash. :S
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    I am having a problem with this addon also, similar to sbeex. When I enable mysql, it creates tables, but they're empty and nothing can be saved, and if I try to use the /skin save command, it errors with "An internal error occurred while attempting to perform this command". I would really love to get this working so that I don't have to manually set skins every reconnect.
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    nothing just as default. for the error with "invalid url"

    And for mysql it doesn't save ...
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    This is expected behaviour before version 1.7. Update to 1.7.1 for saving.
    Keep an eye on the change Log to see if a feature is there or not.

    there's no such command as /skin save
    Since version 1.7, any change made with mysql enabled will be automatically saved to the database.

    Thankyou Aznlilly, for trying out my plugin! Hope you get it working!

    Does the same error occur if you update to 1.7.1?

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    Lately my server was lagging extremely from time to time..
    There are no errors, but I think it depends on SpoutPlayerSkins. I will report it if it also appears when I already deleted the plugin.
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    update: rewrite in progress. will be much less memory intensive for large player populations.
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    Yes, I understand that it is supposed to save automatically to the mysql tables, but it doesn't. The tables are quite empty.
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    dont works
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    hi! I would like to know if is it possible to assign a certain cape to a certain group (from permission)?
  24. Hi, I cannot change skin with command on bukkit 1185 and spout 381.

    when I try it only gives me a usage description of the skin command, really weird!

    edit: permission: true and mysql: false give sql errors? I'll have to live without permissions atm

    edit: another bug! if I log in, then my friend, he wil se his cape, but I won't, if I then relog, I can see both capes, but he won't see mine, and it continues like this
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    Hey, nice plugin, im having a problem though. When i log in and use the /skin (url here) function , im able to change my skin. But when i log out and log in back, my skin changes to the default skin. D=. What do i do?
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    hmmm, I don't really know. Saving works fine on my machine.
    I'll look into it is not a valid URL to a png. links to a script.

    There's no such command as /skin url <url> or /skin <name> url <url>. Read the usage again.

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    Faruq, i have a same problem, but updateFreq dont works
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    Thanks, will be looking forward to a solution. I mean it looks crazy cool, but i cant keep setting skins for all 8 of the players that come on everytime the server goes off.
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    default: false
    prefix: '&6[VIP]'
    suffix: ''
    build: true
    - Joueur
    - Nouveau
    - VIP.VIP
    - DailyBonus.getVIP
    - scavenger.*
    - commandbook.teleport
    - sps.*

    My players can t change their skins
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    '@global': guest
    '@global': guest
    Jas: normal
    Sieghert: Sieghert
    permissions: true
    updateFreq: 400
    debug: false
    mysql: false
    port: '25565'
    address: 'localhost'
    user: ''
    database: ''
    pass: ''

    This is my settings btw, i can't get my players to have different skins if i set my permission to false. But if i set it to true, when i go in game i can use the /skin function to change skins of myself and other people, but if the server were to be disconnected everyone will lose their skins.

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