Useless but optimistic tweet to Mojang/Notch...

Discussion in 'Bukkit Discussion' started by KooDaLord, Sep 12, 2014.

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    Tweet this "Please don't sell Mojang. The Minecraft community does not want any major changes to the game. #don'tsellMC" to or

    We do not want minecraft touched. I know this seems useless, but I will do whatever is possible to try to make an influence, no matter how useless it seems.
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    The whole selling Mojang thing was a rumour started by an anonymous source from what I know. Doesn't hold water.
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    And thats how rumors turns into facts. Or are they? ;)
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    They aren't selling to Microsoft. Settle down.
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    They are very likely to...
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    Why would a rumour cause them to buy it? That makes no sense.
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    Originally it was a rumour, now it's confirmed. Why is your post relevant?
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    Hmm. We should be lucky google didn't buy it.
    They ruined youtube after they bought it lol.
    Microsoft should do fine if not even better then mojang.
    More money, more resources and more people to work on things.
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    Because they did such a good job with so many other gaming studios like Rare, Ensemble, FASA, and Lionhead?


    No, Microsoft will destroy Mojang, their record speaks for itself. Microsoft is where gaming goes to die.
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    Microsoft did not pay anywhere near $2.5 billion for any of those game studios. Probably not even $2.5 billion combined for all of them. They need to recoup the $2.5 billion paid for Mojang and make a profit as well, so it is unlikely that they'll let it wither and die.

    Bungie did not die after they bought it, in fact, they thrived and split off from Microsoft to be their own studio again.

    None of those other studios had a single game that has lived on for 4+ years and a community like this one, NONE of them. There are not millions of Banjo Kazooie fans or Banjo Kazooie toys in every toy section of every retailer. There are not millions of little kids playing Fable and wearing Fable t-shirts and cardboard Fable character heads.

    None of those studios are like Mojang nor have a game like Minecraft and the merchandising and community behind it.

    So it's asinine to assume it will end up like the others.
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    1. Needing to recoup 2.5 million and doing it successfully are 2 different things.
    2. Bungie was destroyed as a PC gaming company, they don't make them anymore, not since Halo 2, which was a port 3 years after the fact. We are talking about PC games here, it would be foolish to call the XBox a failure, maybe not as successful as it's competitors, but still no failure.
    3. I don't know what gaming world your living in, but the companies I listed has several great franchises that diminished or died outright after the acquisition. As for communities, that's real easy to say considering the internet wasn't a "community" when many of them were popular.
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    It was never really a rumor.

    Wall Street Journal was first to report and they said they received a tip from a reliable source.
  15. iiHeroo That is what a rumour is.
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    In some definitions, no, others, yes.

    Some people say all rumors have to be false.
  17. iiHeroo A rumour is a story that is uncertain and/or unverified. The fact that they wrote they had a reliable source is not a verification. Rumours are not necessarily false, but they are rumours until proven otherwise.
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    Why is your profile picture a link to your profile? :p
  19. jackwilsdon Did you scan it? :p I had the default male picture for a long time, got bored of it, and happened to see a QR code while wondering what to use. So I thought why not? ^^
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    I used ZXing online decoder :p
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    Microsoft is here to make money. Minecraft makes huge money from merchandising. Far more then from the sale of the game. Mojang has done - NOTHING - for the online community and neither will mircrosoft. Amazing developers working for free made minecraft what it is, no one else.

    Minecrafts future = useless for 'community run servers'. I'm sure the andriod and ios version will be upgraded vastly and none of us care about that.
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    I might try Minetest out, might be some fun to play around with it's scripting language. I've been looking for a mature moddable "sandbox" game recently, and the garry's mod community is mostly 9 year olds.
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    Microsoft is now confirmed buying mojang
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    It has already been implied in this thread that Micro$oft has bought / is buying Mojang.
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    Microsoft confirmed the purchase, thread is no longer valid.
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