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Discussion in 'Plugin Development' started by coobro123, Dec 16, 2013.

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    Hey guys
    Not in the best mood, I have tried about 40 times to connect via url. Not once successful.

    Ok, I basically want to check a url whether it outputs true or false thats really all it does
    So that the player joins and if the message on the url is true let them join if not don't.
    I am not going to post any code because you will just laugh at me :p
    Anyway, I know this is a bit pushy but can I get a whole code on this thing like including the if true statement, I am terrible with this work .-.

    Thanks again!
  2. coobro123
    The only thing that came in my mind was "what?". Smart people here don't laugh at people who try to code, we're here to help. Showing us what you've already tried gives us a better idea of what you're trying to do, and possibly helps us find your problem.

    So the message here is; may I see what you have already tried?
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    Lol, anyways its completely off. Here is all I have
    URL u = new URL("http://minecraft.net/haspaid.jsp?user="+p.getName());
    } catch (Exception e) {
    That code hasn't been copied and pasted. But thats about all I know what to do, and I don't know in fact if that is right. xD
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    Try this (not tested)
    2. InputStream rd = null;
    3. try{
    4. URL obj = new URL("[url]http://minecraft.net/haspaid.jsp?user=[/url]"+p.getName());
    5. HttpURLConnection conn = (HttpURLConnection) obj.openConnection();
    7. StringWriter writer = new StringWriter();
    8. IOUtils.copy(rd = conn.getInputStream(), writer);
    9. boolean exists = Boolean.parseBoolean(writer.toString());
    11. if(exists) {
    12. // player exists
    13. } else {
    14. // player doesn'tt (not paid)
    15. }
    17. } catch (IOException e) {
    18. throw e;
    19. }
    20. // EDIT: you'll want to close the streams
    22. finally {
    23. try
    24. {
    25. if (rd != null) rd.close();
    26. }
    27. catch (Exception e) {/*dnt need to do anything here*/}
    28. }
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    This thread has actually helped me with another project i am working on. hehehe it does pay off to lurk around the plugin dev section :p
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    It could be as simple as..
    1. boolean in = Boolean.parseBoolean(new Scanner(new URL("website").openStream()).nextLine())

    In a try/catch, of course.
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    Maybe.. but what I have done, with a few additions, will let you do GET and POST with responses if required. It does what he needs and will probably help others who needs to do things similar more than a very precise answer.
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    What my code does is exactly what he wants. Keep code as precise as possible.
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    Why would you read the premium value on login? All accounts that can log in have to be premium anyway.
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