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Discussion in 'Bukkit Help' started by ImpulsiveVenom, May 5, 2013.

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    I have posted tons of threads about this but none of them will have this much information.
    I need help urgently, my server keeps crashing and I cannot stop it.
    The story: I found out the the bukkit staff had uploaded the beta build of 1.5.2 craftbukkit. So I added that and then updated 2 plugins got suddenly for updated. Which are WorldEdit and SuperSpleef.
    Right after that, the crashes have been coming nonstop. My crash files doubles these past 2 days.

    Now everyone wants info right?
    First of all I'd like to say that everytime a certain player joins that's when the server crashes and times out.

    Now here's the crash error file: http://pastebin.com/dBHdGVZm
    Here's the Start-Up log: http://pastebin.com/8Zz6nWE1
    Here's the crash that shows up int he console: http://pastebin.com/bjc2fA8C

    I recently updated NoCheatPlus.

    My plugins:
    AntiInvisibility 0.9
    Buycraft 5.3
    EchoPet 1.5
    Essentials 2.10.1
    EssentialsChat 2.10.1
    EssentialsGroupManager 2.10.1
    EssentialsSpawn 2.10.1
    MCMA_Compat R22A
    Multiverse Core 2.4 AB
    Multiverse Inventories 2.5 B335
    NoCheatPlus 3.9.1 RC B.509
    NoSpawnEggs2 2.0.2
    Plotme 13.0
    PSA 1.0
    SkyBlock Co-Op 1.5.1
    SpamTrap 0.2.0
    Spleef 0.1.7
    SurvivalGames B 0.4.11
    Votifier 1.9
    War 1.7.4
    WitherManagement 1.1
    WorldEdit 5.5.6
    WorldGuard 5.7.3

    Please help me. I'm in urgent need.

    Here's the error it shows
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    I had the exact same thing. I looked through my startup log, and saw many errors when each plugin was booting up, and went through updating each of those plugins, then it worked. Try that...
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    I have updated everything, it's still happening please help me.
    I can't do this, it's been happening nonstop for 3 days.

    Tagging BukkitStaff np98765
    TnT mbaxter c0mp
    Please, I have no clue what is happening.

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  4. Restart the server, if it doesnt work, take out all your plugins put it in a safe folder, start up the server, if it doesn't work, I really don't know :i
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    Like it happens when someone signs in, then it gives me a Ticking Entity and java.lang outofbounds something like that. As if a part of my world was corrupted or something :I
  6. Oh, Uhh i'll try to think of something ;]
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    Thank you so much. Right now the server is at 1.5.1 and it has no problems.
    I'll be posted on this thread, I need a solution urgently :/

    Is anyone out there that can help me at this time?

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  8. Still can't think of anything at the moment =/= sorry
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    I have had this problem with my server. I took out all the plugins one by one. The found out it was Group Manager. It was a YAML error but then it happened again for no apparent reason. I took the plugin out loaded the server. Shut it down. Then loaded it up with group manager and it worked.
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    I'm gonna try that right now, hopefully it works.
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    2013-05-05 14:05:58 [SEVERE] Error occurred while enabling EchoPet v1.5 (Is it up to date?)
    This plugin should get fixed.
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    I have disabled the plugin and even updated it to a BETA version, yet it still happens :I

    I tried what you did, still doesn't work. :I

    Bumping for help, I still have this problem.

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    InspectorFacepalm had mentioned removing all plugins, as did falcon2_0. Have you tried that? I've seen those Ticking Entity errors when there's a plugin doing something naughty. Narrowing it down to *which* plugin would be your first step.
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