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    Plugin category: Teleporting

    Suggested name: RandomWarps

    What I want: After searching the Bukkit plugin list, i could not find a plugin that did this.

    I saw a server that had it but they said it was 'custom'.

    I basically need a plugin where you right a [Warp] sign like Essentials, but instead of going to one place you set say 4 positions and it will teleport to one of the positions.

    Basically, 1 warp sign, 4 destination.

    Ideas for commands: You could have a /warp version and of course /deletewarp <name>.

    Ideas for permissions: randomwarps.warp, randomwarps.warpsign.use, randomwarps.deletewarp

    When I'd like it by: Within a week please.

    Thankyou so much fellow plugin developers <3
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    This plugin Random Teleport supports signs. Here's from the description: "Random Teleport is a simple, lightweight plugin that allows players to use a command, or button and sign to teleport them randomly to the wild based on the preferences in the config.yml!"

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    I don't want it to say [Random TP] i need [Warp], anyone willing to make this?
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    Its a simple change. Use the plugin CommandSigns and you can make it read [Warp] on the sign but using CommandSigns you can make it run the command "/randomtp" behind the scenes.
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    daboross Retired Staff

    You can also use VariableTriggers to have right clicking the sign do a command. That would allow you to write whatever text you want on the sign, while having it do the /randomtp command whenever someone clicked it.
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    Sorry for this, i just realised on RandomTP you cannot select positions, i need a plugin so you can set 4 positions and it will go to one of them randomly.
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    My bad. In that case, you should look at Random Teleporter and basically, you would setup an area like this:
    /rtpadd location <locationname> chancemultiplier

    An example command might look like:
    /rtpadd location Test1 25
    and let's say you create 4 locations with 25% chance each. Using commandsigns you could do the same thing as before with your [Warp] on the sign but make it perform "/rtp" which will take them to one of the 4 locations you've made.

    I hope that was understandable.

    Please let me know if you need any help with it.
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    I'll example a bit more: Say for example there would be 4 corners in a pvp map and you would right click a sign saying "[Warp]Map1" and it would take you to 1 of the 4 corners in the map.

    Is it possible to also add "[Warp]Map2" and go to the 4 corners there.

    So when i do /rtp it takes me to every corner made, i don't want it like that :3
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    Anyone out there be able to create this for me?

    <removed double post - bumping is only allowed every 24 hours - Necrodoom>
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    You can only bump every 24 hours.
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    Thanks for helping.
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    Come on, please.

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