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Discussion in 'Bukkit Help' started by Porgeyman, Mar 22, 2014.

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    Hello, So on my server everyone can claim plots in the PlotMe World but the default group. I don't know why seeing as I gave them the correct permissions (see the permissions area of the default group below). I am using GroupManager for my permissions. All help thanked!
    If anymore information is needed Let me know!!

        default: true
        - plotme.limit.1
        - plotme.use.claim
        - plotme.use.home
        - plotme.use.info
        - plotme.use.clear
        - plotme.use.add
        - plotme.use.remove
        - -essentials.warps.staff
        - essentials.warps.Survival
        - essentials.warps.Rules
        - essentials.warps.Shop
        - essentials.warps.Mini-Games
        - essentials.warps.Creative
        - heavyspleef.sign.leave
        - heavyspleef.leave
        - heavyspleef.sign.vote
        - heavyspleef.sign.join
        - heavyspleef.join.*
        - heavyspleef.leave
        - multiverse.access.*
        - multiverse.access.minigames
        - multiverse.access.survival
        - multiverse.access.creative
        - factions.kit.fullplayer
        - towny.wild.*
        - Beginner
        - g:essentials_builder
        - g:towny_builder
          prefix: '&a'
          build: true
          suffix: ''

    Thanks Porgeyman!
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    What do you get if you issue:
    /mangcheckp Citizen plotme.use
    /mangcheckp Citizen plotme.use.claim
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