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Discussion in 'Bukkit Help' started by DD7780, Nov 28, 2011.

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    I've been running Bukkit for a while now, but today I logged on and am unable to do ANY commands such as /warp, /home or /time. It repeatedly tells me that an internal error has occurred.
    any way to solve this?
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    i don't know how to fix this but maybe you can put up what the .log file said about it(exact)
    that will help the bukkit people help you faster and better
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    Ok i've solved this. However, now, when I logon to my server, it runs fine for 5-6 mins, then...blackscreen. when this happens i get a notice come up on my server saying:
    [INFO] Read Timed Out
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    This will be why you've got a problem. The commands aren't working because your server is not responding. Is there anything above the Read Timed Out?
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    no, that initial issue has been solved. Could this be a collateral result though?
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