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Discussion in 'Bukkit Help' started by Minecraft Galaxy, Dec 29, 2013.

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  1. I typed /spawn (an essentials command) and it said there was an internal error! So I tried some more essentials commands and all of them said internal error. I thought that uninstalling then reinstalling essentials might be a good idea. Obviously I did. Now it says essentials isn't even on my server, except I know it's installed. Any help?:'(
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    Minecraft Galaxy you need the plugin essentialsspawn essentials essentials anti build etc, when you download essentials it should come will ALL the .jars they ALL have to be put into the plugin folder
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    Try their IRC?
  4. I am using mcpowerhosting so you just search through what plugin you want then you click install. It automatically does it for me. I will take a look at the .jars though.
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    You need Essentials.jar and EssentialsSpawn.jar
    Do the command /pl and paste the output here.
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    Paste startup log please.
  7. Essentials .jars all end with .disabled except essentials.zip

    should i rename them to .enabled?
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    Minecraft Galaxy You have disabled the essentials jars for some reason. You should remove the .disabled part.
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