[urgent] Adding players to permissions bukkit groups via command block or sign?

Discussion in 'Bukkit Help' started by Delriousd, Oct 12, 2011.

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    Currently our server has come across a bit of an issue with our update from PEX to PermBukkit.
    It seems that we are no longer able to let players join themselves to a group via command sign.

    The current command to do so with permissionsbukkit is:
    /perm player addgroup <player> <group>

    neither command sign nor command block is able to distinguish who the command is for in the <player> portion of the command. This is because they use the exact command that is bound to them.

    Is there any way to work around this? at all?

    Also we have tried to use RankSign, it does work but unfortunately it also crashes our server...

    It is imperative that we get our server back up soon, we have a very large user base that is waiting on this update.
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    You need a plugin specific to that permissions api.

    I may look at implementing the PermissionsBukkit api into bPermissions if there's a great demand for it.
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    currently there are no plugins that do what we need that have that api... :mad::'(

    looks like ALLOT of manual adding will be done...
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    Erm... what exactly is it you need? Adding to a group by sign? There's plugins for bPermissions that do that I'm sure.
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    There are but we use PermissionsBukkit atm. The only problem we have is the actual command to do so with PermissionsBukkit requires a username, currently neither commandsigns nor commandblocks have the ability to do this. The only plugin that we have found that will work will crash our server...

    Im sorry if im not being clear lol
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    So you want to set a user to the group without a username? What?
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    No, we want to have a user set themselves to a group with a sign.
    The command that is bound to the sign needs to have a player specified to be added to a group.

    Commandblocks and Commandsigns cannot specify as user for the command.

    They simply issue the specific command bound to them for the user.

    The command in question is:

    /Permissions player addgroup <player> <group>

    the <group> portion is fine as it is static, I just change that to whatever group is needed, its the <player> portion that we need filled.

    Currently the way it works if a player clicks the sign its like they used this command:

    /Permissions player addgroup <player> Journeyman

    which Permbukkit sees as an incomplete command because no player was selected.
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    You can use CommandSigns + GroupPermsLite for this. My server is currently set up with a race and class selection that uses those two. I had to get my coding friend to help with the strings, so I don't know how to do it exactly but I know its possible that route.
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    Nice thread necro. Since he hasn't even been on the forums for over a year, I'm not sure he will see the response.
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    Meh. I don't usually check for stuff like that but thanks for pointing that out. I guess if he ever gets back online he'll see it.
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