update old 1.8.1 map to 1.0?

Discussion in 'Bukkit Help' started by Color42, Nov 24, 2011.

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    I remember reading somewhere on these forums there was a plugin for updating chunks on older maps to never versions how ever I cant find it again and I cant remember the name of it either :( anyone know and could point me there?
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    Carlos Fuentes

    Well, I kind of have a solution for you.

    WorldEdit has a tool where you can select an area and use the command //regen (with two slashes) to revert it to its "natural state" (before any humans or entities modified it). If it's a 1.8.1 world, but you now run craftbukkit for 1.0, and you use //regen, it'll regen it according to a 1.0 seed.

    So basically, say you have a 1.8.1 world where there was a forest biome. If you //regen it, it may turn into a desert or a swamp or it might stay a forest. But, it'll be in its new 1.0 state.

    This has to be done for relatively small bits at a time - there's no way to do the whole world at once without losing your creations, and your server would have to be pretty powerful to be able to do more than, say, a few million blocks at once.

    Hope I helped! :)
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