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Discussion in 'Plugin Requests' started by MrEminent42, Jan 28, 2015.

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    So some of the features in Referrals (<< Click) track specific player aspects. Since the UUID update, I think these features wont work when a player changes their name.

    I'm wondering if someone would be awesome enough to redo this :D

    Suggested name: Referrals Reloaded

    What I want: Take a look at the Referrals (<< Click) plugin, basically everything there.

    Ideas for commands: Take a look at the Referrals (<< Click) plugin.

    Ideas for permissions: Take a look at the Referrals (<< Click) plugin.

    When I'd like it by: ASAP Thanks :D
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    @awesone_ness That plugin is "All Rights Reserved", so whoever decided to do this (if anyone) would have to recode the entire thing.
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    That wouldn't be too hard, it's not THAT big of a plugin
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    @stenlankreijer Never said it was, only that it'd have to be recoded. I didn't want somebody to steal the code and get in trouble.
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    @nverdier I know, I realised my comment sounded a bit rude so I liked you post xD
    I was just saying that it wouldn't be a really big problem to recode it all

    I'll now give this a shot.
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    @awesone_ness Can't the referral code be the user's UUID? Or would that not be good?

    EDIT: That way you would also not have to use multiple codes, as they wouldn't expire.
    Also, they wouldn't need to be saved as they're just the player's unique ID and they'd always be unique. I'll use the players' UUIDs for now.
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    I had started to code this plugin for my own server, and never had time to finish it...
    So I worked a bit on it and here's the result :

    Everything is in one command (/referrals) and the permission are
    ReferralsReloaded.generate: Allows you to generate a code
    ReferralsReloaded.reffer: Allows you to reffer a code
    ReferralsReloaded.others: Allows you to see other players code
    there's also a messages.yml file to customize everything ;)

    I added IP checks, minimum playtime, max redeems and option to log in the console, and all that without any dependency :p

    I hope you'll like it :D

    EDIT: The codes are life time though, but it's the same concept ;)

    EDIT 2: Just updated the plugin (still the same link) to fix the prizes that weren't working.
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    Well I'd like it to only be one code per player, but that code can be re-used by different players.

    EDIT: Can it instead be a random ~8 character/number code? But not case sensitive.

    Thanks! Looks good. So I'll use /referrals and it will help me?

    EDIT: Is this case sensitive?
    EDIT2: Can I just ask where you learned Bukkit? I got Java down, but no idea how to learn Bukkit without studying the whole API (lol).
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    @awesone_ness Yes, just do /referrals and it will give you help ;)
    I learnt Bukkit on Youtube (TheBCBroz and PogoStick29) and by practicing :)
    And yes, they are case sensitive as it uses all characters a->z, A->Z and 0->9 for maximum possibilities.
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