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    fregaPT I steal plugins as my own

    Name: xLoginMessage
    Version: v1.0
    Description: A simple welcome message will show up whenever a player joins the server

    As you probably have noticed, there are several plugins with the same stuff and functions,
    but I posted this one because I will update the plugin, and change it for complete!
    Permissions support soon (and why? This is a plugin with no commands!), SUPRISE :D

    How does it work ?
    Drag the file into your plugins directory.
    When you join the server in minecraft, if you notice in the chat a message will come up saying: Welcome, <yourname>!
    This will be fully configurable soon! (check Future Updates)

    Future Updates:
    Soon as I can, I will add permissions support, iConomy support (projects in mind), and some properties and config files, so that you guys can change the message, etc ..

    GitHub: https://github.com/downloads/fregaPT/Stuff/xLoginMessage v1.0.jar

    My Plugins:
    I'm working in several projects, some with friends and some alone.
    ASAP, new plugins (BIG ONES) will be uploaded !


    Please, if you noticed any bugs, or the plugin isn't working correctly, please leave a comment below telling it!
    **This plugin wasn't tested ! :s

    • v1.0 - Release of xLoginMessage!
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    Hi, I think this will be a great plugin, but I wondered if you could put some features in it: I know you will put in permission and the possibility to change the message. I also wondered if you could put in color, name, and current player codes?

    Hope you will listen to my request, looking forward to the update :D
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    1. Custom messages per event.
    2. Allow only messages for first login: "Welcome new player %username% on our server!"
    4. Broadcast only those needed. For ex. if admin/mod entered the game and first login.
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    fregaPT I steal plugins as my own

    I will do !
    Thanks for the sug.'s !
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    Sounds really great! I'm going to test it right now but i think that should be better if you will be able to customize the text, especially on foreign servers ;)
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    fregaPT I steal plugins as my own

    I had already said that I was going to make a config file so that you guys can change the name!
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    Dr Danco

    Seems like a useful plugin, I would use it if only I could edit the message :( Good job anyway!
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    fregaPT I steal plugins as my own

    Don't worry about it!
    I am working on it!
    I am just taking some time, because of exams :s
    ** :D ** Would you forgive me ?
    omg ... LOL

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