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Discussion in 'Plugin Help/Development/Requests' started by Hex_27, Apr 17, 2015.

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    This is the error log of a client of mine:

    It works fine on my computer with Java 8 and the same server jar. The plugin was compiled with Java 7. Can anyone tell what version of Java my client is using?
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    52 is Java 8 iirc; your Path variable is probably still referencing Java 7; try googling around to see how to fix it.
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    Plugin was compiled on a different version than the machine running it. cmd > java -version then check your compiling version.
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    @Cirno I've tried for quite some time but I still can't find answers
    @Apple_ Yes. I know that. I compiled it in JDK 1.7 as you should have read from the main post.
  5. @Hex_27 Do you know how to change your build path to Java8? I can help you, but it is what @Apple_ said.
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  7. @Hex_27 Where you usually configure your buildpath for a Bukkit API or other jar file, your going to click your java library and update it to java 8.
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    bwfcwalshy Retired Staff

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    timtower Moderator Moderator

    @Tyler Christensen You do know that you can run java 7 plugins fine on java 8 right? So setting the build path to java 8 won't do anything.
  10. I think i might have misunderstood his questions. I thought he was talking about his server is java 7, while his plugins are java 8. I was telling him to set his plugins to java 8 because i wasnt paying attention to the question :p Thank you for fixing that xD
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    @Tyler Christensen No... I'm saying my client's server version is Java 8, but my plugin is Java 7, but the plugin is giving a major minor version error.
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    @Hex_27 52 is compiled in Java 8. Are you sure you aren't compiling in Java 8?
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