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Discussion in 'Inactive/Unsupported Plugins' started by TerraPlay, Jan 22, 2011.

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    Hey all,

    yesterday I started to program my first little plugin. It's not exactly setting the world on fire, but it's okay for my first plugin. My base was the Wool Giver Plugin from firestar, i really learned a lot from it. Thank you for introducing me into Bukkit plugins :)

    What the plugin does
    With klayGive you can - how the name already says - give yourself items and also wool colors. Nothing special, you see =)

    /kgive|kg credits - Shows you the credits
    /kgive|kg help|? - Shows you the help
    /kgive|kg (item-id) - Gives you the item 1x
    /kgive|kg (item-id) (amount) - Gives you the amount of item
    /kwool|kw help|colors - Shows you the list of colors
    /kwool|kw (color) - Gives yo[u 1x colored wool
    /kwool|kw (color) (amount) - Gives you the amount of colored wool
    The klayWool is a bit buggy. If you have 32 orange wool and want 32 purple wool, you have to type 64 instead of 32. That's because wool has the id 35 and if you would add only 32 purple wool, it would add it to the orange wool.
    If you use klayGive you HAVE to use the Item-IDs because otherwise it would crash the server.

    You must be an OP for command permissions. Just type your name into the ops.txt.

    - Message templates
    - Support for Amount -1
    - Fix server-crashs
    - Fix the wool amounts
    - Permissions Support

    I can't promise you i will do all this stuff. Maybe I'm not able to, but i'll try my best.

    There are 2 versions, one german and one english. You can find both in the zip-file. Btw, sorry for my english, i'm just 15 and from germany. If something is wrong, feel free to correct me =)

    klayGive v0.1

    Please give me some feedback,
    TerraPlay aka. klayver =)
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    the point of the source code is not to learn from, and then release the exact same thing, thats not learning, thats copying, now you know how to make plugins, based on the source code, make something different. :)
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    Oh, I'm very sorry =/! Admin or mod, please close or delete this thread, thanks! =)
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    @TerraPlay Here's a learning experience for you that will make this a different plugin. Take it, and mesh the two features. Give the ability to specify special attributes for other items in addition to the block ID. For example 278:-9999 (I think it's 4 "9"s) to get an invincible diamond pickaxe, or 17:1 to get redwood skinned wood. I'll give you a big hint: HERE and the cryptic clue: "in the inventory it's not metadata, it's item durability"

    P.S. I would heavily recommend reading any documentation for Bukkit you can track down, to get some ideas of what you can do with it, rather than reading source code.
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    Not to learn from?.. that's what source code really should be for :/
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    source code is not there to learn from.... its there so people can add to it. ffs. what do you think im doing the coding for? to teach you kids some java? no.
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