[UNSUPPORTED] godpowers port to bukkit

Discussion in 'Inactive/Unsupported Plugins' started by joshcvb, Jan 16, 2011.

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    I really needed this for my server so I ported it over and thought I would release it to everyone else that needs it. Built against build 48+. Credit to FriedTaco for the orginal.

    1. Waiting on bukkit to update to handle more damage events so this plugin can fully work
    2. Need to reword my priority level and make sure other plugins don't supersede it


    /godmode - Makes you invincible.
    /godmode [player] - Makes the specified player invincible.
    /heal - Heals you.
    /heal [player] - Heals the specified player.
    /kill [player] - Kills the specified player.
    /revive [player] - Brings the specified player back to life.
    /die - Kills you.
    /maim [player] - Beats the player withing an inch of their life.
    /jesus - Allows you to walk on water like Jesus. (It trails a bit, but it picks back up)
  2. Good stuff. Will try it out in a minute ;).

    EDIT: Doesn't work on build #63, could you build it against that version for me, please :)?
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    well i got craftbukkit latest build but the plugin doest work for me D:
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    im updating the plugin to a more recent build, I had it done a couple days ago, my bad
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    Thanks for porting this. Can't wait for the update :)
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    Gotta get new pair of pants[​IMG]

    but it doesn't work on +66 dammit...
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    Since you do not give the source, how did you implement /godmode? I tried handling DAMAGE events, but they are not ready yet. Could you point me in the right direction?
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    When loading this plugin I get an InvaludPluginException error
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    if you read a couple of posts above you you can see that the creater sayed
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    Well, I tested craftbukkit 48 and 49 (as suggested by the creator) and it still does not work.

    And I'm also not convinced that godmode can work on current bukkit...
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    bukkits missing some damage code so I'm just waiting it out and to look at the source just open with winrar, i dont use git or anything like that, or I can upload the text for you
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    Oh so you just like me handle melee damage and fire damage and wait for the rest? :)

    Ad source code, OMG sorry, I must been looking pretty badly.

    Now just on programmers level, I use ENTITY_DAMAGE* events and use EventListener. You chose a completely different way, is there something better about yours or is it just another way? I could rewrite mine if I got it wrong...
  14. maybe you should've got in touch with FriedTaco about publishing this first, I understand that he was working on porting it
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    Looking forward to this being in working condition, keep up the good work man.
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    Well lets not jump to conclusions yet. FriedTaco is not a member of these forums. I sent him a message on the hmod forums with my intentions and if he ports his version/copy over I will have this thread deleted. It dosn't take much to port over plugins especially this one. Thought I would get it out there and work on it
  17. Alrighty, fair enough :D he is signed up as "Taco"
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    joshcvb, where can I get some documentation on etc.getLoader().addListener()? Tried to use your code, but there's nothing about it in official javadoc and I cannot find it in Bukkti 49 classes either...
  19. that is a hey0 function the Bukkit equiv is getServer().getPluginManager().registerEvent the source seems to have hey0 syntax in
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    doens't work on build #66
    Edit: error message
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    Good, that's what I am using, but I cannot find HEALTH_CHANGE in Event.Type
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    Closed by request of topic starter.
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