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Discussion in 'Bukkit Help' started by Kuwoobie, Mar 12, 2013.

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    For the past several moths, I have been having an issue where players are able to destroy things like signs, torches, item frames, redstone-- simply by breaking the block it is sitting on, which doesn't actually break, but simply disappears for a fraction of a second. Even though the block reappears, the object sitting on top of it does not. So every day I log in and find signs and torches missing, and I have had to resort to making everything out of bedrock. Before a few months ago, this was never a problem.

    The strangest thing of all is: It does not happen everywhere. I changed a setting in Essentials to see if it would help, and when I tested it, I thought the problem was fixed. Shortly after, someone showed me that it wasn't fixed, just the area I tested it in (only a few feet away) was protected somehow. I checked and double checked. Both areas are using the same exact protection.

    I use both Factions safezone AND Worldguard for protection, and neither of them seem to be able to stop this from happening. I went to other servers to see if they have the same problem, and they do not. I've searched everywhere and I cannot find anyone else having this problem.

    Although I use bedrock to protect all my signs and item frames now, my players are still having their [Trade] signs destroyed and I cannot help them without putting bedrock everywhere.
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    LWC, if you don't want your players to have the protection node don't give it to the. Also EssentialsProtect does this too. It comes with the EssentialsPack.
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    Not sure which protection node you are referring to. Players do not have any special protection permissions. They are bypassing protection by exploiting a flaw stemming from unknown origins.
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    He meant for you to install LWC and give protection permissions to you and your staff. This way you can protect the sign from being broken when a user tries to beak the block it is attached to.
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    That might solve one problem, but it doesn't stop players from breaking things belonging to other players. People building redstone contraptions in Creative Plot world are having all their stuff griefed even though its protected. People are still able to bypass protection, when they shouldn't be.
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    I use faction and world guard on my server and have never seen this problem.

    Can you post a list of all your other plugins? Maybe there is something that is conflicting with them?
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    Yes. These are all of our plugins as of today. I am thinking about getting rid of FrameProtect.


    I got FoundDiamonds today because it has a feature that can auto-ban players who attempt to break certain blocks. It caught one person so far.
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