[UnSolved] mcmmo File Cleanup

Discussion in 'Archived: Plugin Requests' started by Gunnerrrrr, Oct 18, 2012.

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    Suggested name: mcmmo cleanup

    What I want: mcmmo always delays the restarts, is 90% of the download time when backing up worlds, and is just lagging my server. I need a plugin that would cleanup all inactive/banned members files.
    Ideas for commands: /mcmmo cleanup

    Ideas for permissions: mcmmo.cleanup

    When I'd like it by: asap ^-^
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    How would you do this with mysql?
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    I would like to see this also.
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    Another bump.

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    yea i have to agree mcmmo stores the data for who placed / broke blocks and a really horrid way in the maps files this causes a really large file structure and adds 10 to 15 min to my map backup time. via ftp. Mcmmo needs to stop its stupidity and start to use the bukkit dev site not its own servers site. and work with some other plugins such as guardian and core protect that already store the data it needs in a much better way. Its getting to the point where I am really regretting installing it ever.
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    I just dumped the plugin ages ago, the whole creating files like that was the most retarded thing I've ever see a plugin do, it doesn't even provide its own file maintenance system to remove old logs. 1000 of directories and 10000's files is just stupid when all of it is for is preventing a few duping cheaters, the logs aren't even needed for more than a player session! And was never any provided option to set the storage directory outside of the friggin map folder where it might have been less of a hassle for map backups.

    I said it ages ago back when it was first introduced, then they made the option to disable it, only it was a hidden option that required opening the mccmo.jar and editing files then repacking.

    Just dumb development, and not surprising they moved off it bukkit its just a shame no one has done something better that can replace some of the stuff mcmmo did do nicely. Some of the abilities like feather falling and leveling it so you could take reduced damage was nice. Some other other stuff like serrated strikes and unarmed combat abilities were easily abused and just overpowered. Mcmmo features just got further disabled and the plugin largely made itself pointless to have, on my server anyway.


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    Rexel remember when everyone was like Hey MCMMO the unarmed and axes are too weak compared to Overpowered swords.. and their response was to make swords better ;)
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    I need this urgently, my server isn't even shutting down properly anymore with mcmmo.
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