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Discussion in 'Plugin Requests' started by patricksterza, May 27, 2016.

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    Plugin category: Building / Plot / idk

    Suggested name: UniversePlot

    Minecraft Version: 1.7.10

    What I want: Hi guys, I am really looking thru this plugin to be made (Fast as Possible), What i asked bellow is so i can manage and make stuff on my server work fine and make my friends happy.

    I inspired on this plugin by following the plugins options and i improved to my needs.
    Plugins: HouseGuard and SpotProtection

    Why not use another plot plugin like plotme or plotz??? They don't fit my needs and i didn't like the way the plugin was made and the commands and it makes a new world...

    So Please consider my needs and help me out. I want my players to create their land/house anywhere but not on a protected area by world guard or by another player...

    Also make all possible messages editable in config file.

    When the player types /terreno vender <Name> <Amout> creates a sign if another player clicks on it and has the money wanted by the player he will buy the plot owned.

    iConomy (http://dev.bukkit.org/bukkit-plugins/iconomy/ ) NOT ESSENTIALS ECONOMY.
    » Vault (http://dev.bukkit.org/bukkit-mods/vault/ ).
    » WorldEdit (http://dev.bukkit.org/bukkit-mods/worldedit/ ).
    » WorldGuard (http://dev.bukkit.org/bukkit-mods/wordguard/ ). I don't know if needed...

    Ideas for commands:
    1. /terreno - Shows available commands to you.
    2. /terreno <Name> <size-X> <Size-Z> [nofence] - Build a region - [nofence] builds without a fence of the selected plot.
    3. /terreno comprar <Name> <player> - Buy a region of another Player.
    4. /terreno vender <Name> <price> (If Want to cancel /terreno cancelar) - Sell Your Plot.
    5. /terreno expand <Name> <size-X> <Size-Z> - Expands the Plot.
    6. /terreno deletar <Name> - Deletes the Plot and clears the area maybe.
    7. /terreno addamigo <Name> <player> - Add a member to your Plot.
    8. /terreno delamigo <Name> <player> - Remove a member of the Plot.
    9. /terreno renomear <Name> <NewName> - Rename your plot.
    10. /terreno pvp <Name> <ON/OFF> - (Even if multiverse has pvp=disable if possible) Add or remove PvP of the Plot.
    11. /terreno msg <Name> <message> - Add 'Welcome Message' in your Plot.
    12. /terreno list [vendendo*] - See your regions or selling regions.
    13. /terreno info - See the information of the plot where you are.
    14. /terreno precos - Show the prices of build and expand commands per block.
    15. /terreno tp <Name> - Teleport to your region.

    ============From here bellow got have the permission - universe.admin =============
    1. /terreno admin - Show admin commands
    2. /terreno listar todos or /terreno list <PlayerName> - List all regions or all regions of a player
    3. /terreno del <Name> - Remove any plot or /terreno del (By you standing on the plot)
      /terreno tp <Name> Teleport to any region
      /terreno sync - Synchronize database of plugin with database of worldguard idk :p
    4. /terreno setarnome <Name> <NewName> - set the plot's name
    5. /terreno setarpreco <Name> <Price>- set the price of the plot
    6. /terreno setar-msg <Name> <Msg> - set the welcome msg of the plot
    7. /terreno setar-addamigo <Name> <Plot> - adds a friend to a plot or by standing on the plot
    8. /terreno setar-delamigo <Name> <Plot> - Dels a friend to a plot or by standing on the plot
    9. /terreno setar-pvp <Name> <ON/OFF> - Sets the PVP on the plot on or off or by standing on the plot and type the command.
    10. /terreno expand <Name> <size-X> <Size-Z> - Expands the Plot of the player or by standing on the plot and type /terreno expand X Z
    optional argument *

    Ideas for permissions:

    universe.<number> - amount of plots a player can have/buy > For vips

    or to be easier... normal player: universe.user (will include those perms above not the admin's one)
    admins: universe.admin

    When I'd like it by: Yesterday.
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    What you want is really unclear, why not just use the PlotMe plugin?
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    I don use it because i want ppl to build their home anywhere and not on squares and in another world
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