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Discussion in 'Bukkit Discussion' started by BPOtacon, Dec 16, 2012.

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    Hey guys just have a quick question about Uni Code/Alt Code in Minecraft. I have PEX on my server and I want to know how to go about adding symbols in a prefix/suffix. I am pretty sure it is impossible to do this but I have seen it on many servers and wondering if there is a plugin or certain code I have to use to convert Uni Code/Alt Code to ANSI in PEX config.
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    Anyone know how to do this
  3. I was googling this but for server MOTD's, because I want the arrow that I see on a a lot of servers.. If you didn't figure it out after more than a year, go to alt-codes.net lol
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    there is chartable standart windows utility you can run and get all available codes (with instruction how to copypaste them fast)
  5. Where can I get that?
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    maybe it is possible unless it gets filtered by pex, use a site like this:
    paste the symbol and you get a strange \u(numbers) back paste these where you want it.
    normally it works with Strings such as in prefixes however some symbols might not work due minecraft it self.

    also a tip, you can look in charmap if you are a windows user;)
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