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Discussion in 'Plugin Requests' started by DarkLordx, Apr 4, 2021.

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    Minecraft version : 1.16

    Suggested name : Undroppable Paper

    What I want:

    I need a plugin that creates a special enchantment called "Undroppable". Said enchantment makes so the item is not droppable, and cannot be stored in any item container.

    with customization lore and not replacing the current lore of item.


    1. Undroppable Paper - When you right click a undroppable paper in item the item will be undroppable and the undroppable paper will disappear.

    2. DroppablePaper - when you right click a droppable paper in undroppable item the item will be droppable and the droppable paper will dissapear.

    Ideas for commands:

    - /undroppable paper <player name> <qty>
    - /droppable paper <player name> <qty>

    Ideas for permissions:

    give.undroppable.paper - (default for Op Only)
    - undroppable.paper - permission for player to use undroppable paper in item (default for player Only)
    - droppable.paper - permission for player to use dropable paper in undroppable item (default for player Only))

    When I'd like it by:

    As Soon As You Can. Thank you
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    I just want to quickly sum the plugin up, just to make sure I understand it correctly. Upon using command /undroppable paper or /droppable paper, the player that was provided in the arguments would receive a paper item in his inventory. When he drags that paper and clicks on any other item in their inventory with it, that item then becomes droppable/undroppable?

    If I got something wrong, please feel free to correct me.

    Kind regards
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    You are correct mate. I hope you can create it Thanks.
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    You could get a drop item event and store the items undroppable by giving them some sort of identifier, and then cancel the drop event.
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    I believe I managed to finish writing this plugin. Below you can find a quick documentation on how the plugin works alongside with the commands and permissions.


    Most of the stuff is commented in the config file, so there should be no trouble identifying what each line does.


    /undroppable paper <player name> <qty>
    /droppable paper <player name> <qty>

    /undroppable paper NewtyMan 5
    /droppable paper <player name> 5


    • Gives permission to use commands
    • Default: OP
    • Gives permission to make items undroppable with paper
    • Default: true
    • Gives permission to make items droppable with paper
    • Default: true

    If you have any questions, issues or further requests post them in here and I'll check them out as soon as possible ^-^

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