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Discussion in 'Plugin Requests' started by vondalenocon4x, Mar 30, 2021.

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    Plugin category: Utility

    Minecraft version: Minecraft 1.16.5

    Suggested name: Undroppable Item

    What I want:

    I need a plugin that creates a special enchantment called "Undroppable". Said enchantment makes so the item is not droppable, and cannot be stored in any item container, except ender chests.

    Basically, a player with an item that contains the "Undroppable" enchantment cannot drop the item, either by pressing "Q", dragging it out of the inventory or closing the inventory while dragging the item. The player also doesn't drop the item on death.

    However, the player also can't store the item in chests, droppers, dispensers, hoppers, etc. The item can't be stored in any container BUT can be stored in an ender chest. I can explain as to why I want the item to be able to be stored in an ender chest, but it would be a huge wall of text.

    For OPs, there's a command that allows the addition/removal of the "Undroppable" enchantment. There is also a toggle command that allows the user to bypass the enchantment, being able to drop items, even if they have the "Undroppable" enchantment.

    Ideas for commands:

    - /undroppable enchant- Enchants the held item with the "Undroppable" enchantment.
    - /undroppable remove - Removes the "Undroppable" emchantment from the held item.
    - /undroppable toggle - Turns on/off the undroppable bypass.

    Ideas for permissions:

    - undroppable.enchant - Permission for "/undroppable enchant" command. (default for OP only)
    - undroppable.remove - Permission for "/undroppable remove" command. (default for OP only)
    - undroppable.toggle - Permission for "/undroppable toggle" command. (default for OP only)

    When I'd like it by:

    I know this is a big request. I don't need this plugin urgently, as I have other stuff to take care of on my server. I'd like it as soon as possible, but if someone ends up accepting this request - Take your time.

    I only copy this in Filled - Undroppable Item plugin | Bukkit Forums i only want this plugin to be updated
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    I didn't update it but made it from scratch. Here it is.
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    i will test it tomorrow

    it's working bro but can I suggest something? customizable lore and message Screenshot_2.png Screenshot_1.png
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