Unable to run scribts/jars/exe files from plugin

Discussion in 'Plugin Development' started by EvilWitchdoctor, Apr 5, 2016.

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    Not sure if this was intended in bukkit, but when I do something like this:
    Runtime.getRuntime().exec("cmd /c path/to/second/server/run.bat");

    Nothing happens.
    Note that the goal of the above code is to start a second server via. a plugin installed on this server and using a .batch file.
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    Why would you need to execute a batch file? What is the executable you want to activate? If you're trying to activate a plugin, all plugins should be activated when the server starts up.
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    Not trying to active plugins, in fact I am trying to activate a second server every time the first one is started (I already figured out how to close it when the first server closes)
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    Why do you need 2 servers?
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    Or a lame way to generate worlds asynchronously.
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    Perhaps instead of going off on tangents, you could help the OP?

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    We are currently doing that, we need to know why he wants to do that, so we can think of an easier way.
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    @MasterDoctor01 as a general rule of thumb we should not do that. As you know in programming missing information about the problem can make it very broad. So if everyone explains their way of solving the potential problem based on their interpretation then we will end up having a massive thread with tons of different opinions that is not really going to help the OP. So we need to narrow it down, and once there are a hand full of possible solutions propose one / two / ... of them. Then, members may argue with eachother's solution and find the best.
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