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Discussion in 'General Help' started by ItzTeg, Nov 1, 2018.

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    Hello, my server is running from my desktop and my power just went out three times within a few minutes, which forced my server to shut off without doing /stop. I've always heard that when you stop a server you should do "stop" in the console but not close the command prompt with the X. Now that my power came back on for good, I started up my server and neither my friend or I couldn't move, interact, or look in another direction. We even tried my friends alt and we had the same problem. I can only look in my inventory, and type commands. The plugins and world are all intact. When I do /spawn it says teleporting... but nothing happens. How do i fix this? Thank you so much - ItzTeg
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    Try first copying your worlds somewhere else, and letting a new world generate. If this fixes your problem, your world could be corrupted, and you may need to use something like MCEdit to either clean up the other file, or copy important builds from it.

    However, if you still have issues when you use new worlds, you may want to try using buildtools to recreate the server jar file, just in case there is an issue there.
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