Un-Registering Event Listeners

Discussion in 'Plugin Development' started by geekygenius, Feb 19, 2012.

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    So, I used to be quite familiar with the way Bukkit events were handled, but now, with the new update, I am not. I was wondering if it were still possible to un-register event listeners, without reloading the plugin, and registering all the event listeners except the one you want to unregister.

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    No, it is not possible. The method I use it to implement a "event catcher" class that delegates events to other classes as needed. This makes it possible to change your plugin settings on the fly without the need to unregister events.
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    1. for(HandlerList l:HandlerList.getHandlerLists())
    2. {
    3. l.unregister(plugin);//make sure you have a plugin variable
    4. }
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    Thanks stelar and Technius, it looks like the method calls in the HandlerList object should work for what I need. I saw
    public static HandlerList.unregisterAll()
    which looks like a major security error, because it can unregister all the event listeners across all plugins.
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