Question Ultimate Survival Games, can't modify the map

Discussion in 'General Help' started by Aragorn2127, Jun 23, 2015.

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    Hello guys,

    I'm running a Minecraft server, w/ Craftbukkit 1.8.7, then i'm using the Ultimate Survival Games plugin, developped by Maker56 and JefroyTJF.
    I've got 6 arenas, and i'd like modify one map, but all lobbies are loaded, and i can't place any blocks in one specific arena map, that one i would modify, even if i got all permissions, in gm1 and if i'm op.
    In some others maps, i can place blocks.
    So, if someone know really well this plugin, can he help me, because i don't know how to modify the map, without destroy the arena.

    Thank you! :D

    Sry for my English, I'm French (baguette)
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    Surely the plugin site must have instructions on commands to issue in order to EDIT an area or lobby - something that temporarily disables the protections on it, that you then toggle back when done editing...
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    I check the site many times, and i didn't find any ways to edit the arena as you're describing it :/
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    Well, yeah.. that site does really suck bad for information, but at least they provide a command reference sheet.
    I would believe that
    /sg lobby unload <NAME> Unload the lobby from the RAM sg.lobby
    /sg lobby load <NAME> Load a lobby to the RAM and enable it. sg.lobby

    would be the way to disable the lobby from an active protected state, allowing you to edit it, and then reload it back - as the lobby is merely a set of coordinates to define the special region.

    Before trying, make sure you have a copy of your sg plugin folder in case it erases things out of the config - but i do not think it will given that there are other commands to do that - but you never know what might go wrong.
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    Yes i understand, but i'v already tried this way 2hours ago, and i couldn't reload te lobby, he became erased, but hopefully, i'd got a save of the plugin config.
    I will retry it
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    Well, i've always got that error message when i'm operating this way:
    When i would like to reload the lobby, after modifying the map,

    "Can't load lobby "lobby3"! See console for informations! It may can be that a few arenas have to be reset. When this happens, the game will automatically load after all arenas were reset."

    There is no command to reset arenas, I cannot reload the lobby, and when i'm checking the console, the only one infos ive got it: "lobby lobby3 doesn't exist"

    I saved the config before doing that, so it's not a problem, it still that i can't modify my map this way ... :/
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    then post on the forum for that plugin, file a ticket if it allows, get some activity going over there to find out whats wrong, if its code needing fixing, etc
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    Something still strange, i can modify some maps, and i can't on other, even they have the same config :confused:
    It's really strange^^
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    would have to see a complete latest.log file after you do a clean restartof the server , not /reload
    to see if there are any specific errors thrown up, warnings that might give a clue to difference
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