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Discussion in 'Bukkit Help' started by LHammonds, Jul 31, 2014.

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    Anyone know the story with Ultimate Skyblock?

    It says "This project is currently under moderation. Please come back later."

    I use this plugin so I'm a bit concerned.

  2. Lots of servers use it, so it being banned is quite concerning. The Bukkit team also decided that it was a good idea to block access to documentation and bug reports on an active project, which is going to do wonders for the usability and stability of those servers.
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    I wish there was some sort of update. If this is still a usable plugin I was hoping to try it out on my server since I have been having loads of trouble with Island World.
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    It is working quite well on my server. But if it was put in moderation because it had malicious code in it, I sure would like to know. Or if the author is just wanting to have it removed, etc.

    I have been working on this Skyblock server for quite a few weeks and JUST finished setting it up.

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    LHammonds, is your server 1.7.9? Is there any way you could send me the jar/plugin so I could test some things with it? I can't find the download anywhere...

  6. I agree. It is irresponsible of Bukkit to block access to a plugin, and not explain whether it's safe or unsafe to use.
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    I'm starting a skyblock server, and this scary me about the future of this plugin..
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    Yes, it is 1.7.9. I'd rather not distribute the plugin since it is in moderation. It might have malicious code in it and I don't want to be responsible for spreading it.
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    ive been using this plugin a very long time now i think thousands do
    a plugin of this size definitely needs a response from the bukkit team
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    I agree, who do we talk to about this?
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    Im not sure if its that the Bukkit team doesn't want to talk about this or they have no idea but one way or another we need a Bukkit staff member to step up and at least say what they know about it or if not. At least having a response from a staff member like "I Don't Know" will actually help quite a bit. It gives you a hint in a way that I can't quite explain because I dont even know, but it gives this strange feeling in my gut that it will accomplish something. :confused:
    - Perhaps it is the feeling that you know that they are not hiding something.
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    Cmon bukkit team, what's the dealio?
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    well i use the skyblock also on my server the only problem i encounter is that party members does not have perms anymore on the island (worldguard perms) so i have to add them manually
    and there is a random stop going on my server wich i also dont know why i dont know if its because of this plugin or something else

    i also wanna know why its in moderation?
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    Well, uSkyBlock 2.0.0 does have some bugs in it but nothing that I've seen so far that is a deal breaker.
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    You can use IslandWorld, it is a far more complicated plugin but a good replacement for uSkyblock. I have not received reports about it being malicious. But it may be under moderation due to tons of arguements from other fellow bukkit members/users
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    This is just taking the mick
    I took down my big direwolf server and was going to reopen it with agrarian skies and was going to use the ultimate skyblock plugin to create the sky blocks
    However i go on the page to download but I can't download it?
    Please help me out on when or how I can download it as my server is taking big hits now.
    Thank you

    Where do you get island world from?
    I can't find it on the bukkit page

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    Bukkit Team has been cracking down on a lot of big plugins about dev builds, github sources, and external links, but I checked the cached plugin page, and it didn't seem to have any of these.
    This leaves two probable possibilities: malicious content (I can't believe a plugin this popular would have that), plugin being deleted (that would suck, it's such a good plugin)
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    We're sorry, you've attempted to access a page that doesn't appear to exist. :eek:
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    I'm probably not the type of staff member you want, since BukkitDev moderation and forum moderation are handled by different people, but so far I haven't heard anything about this. I'm sure there's a good reason the plugin is currently inaccessible, and like of all of you, not knowing does make me a little curious.

    Anyway, just figured I'd give you the "I don't know" since I really don't. Hope this helps that strange feeling in your gut at least a little bit.
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    @KevinEssence, @EN7, @JammyDodgerABC

    Here has anyone release the source of Talabrek's plugin:
    The code base has been changed and it also contains UUID support.

    I wish that Talabrek itself would have maked his plugin open source, but it's got now deleted and that is sad for most players. How I can see Talabrek wasn't online, when the plugin has been deleted. Looks like that a moderator has deleted it...
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    if someone can throw me the jar file i can reverse engineer the code and see if there is anything malicious in it so at least server owners know it is safe to use still
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    Is this the actual, original source code?

    I can do that. Both 1.0.8 and 2.0.0.

    I'll send a PM shortly. You help is greatly appreciated.


    Still no answer as to "WHY" this plugin was put into moderation mode and subsequently deleted.

    For anyone that is using the plugin now or was in the middle of implementing it and no longer have the documentation, I will share what documentation I have collected:

    Name: uSkyBlock
    Version: 1.0.8
    Date: 2013-08-01
    Game Version: CB 1.6.2 (works with 1.7.2 as well)
    Requirements: Vault - http://dev.bukkit.org/server-mods/vault/
     - WorldEdit (custom schematics) - http://dev.bukkit.org/server-mods/worldedit/
     - WorldGuard (improved region protection) - http://dev.bukkit.org/server-mods/worldguard/
     - PermissionsEx - http://dev.bukkit.org/server-mods/permissionsex/
     - Multiverse-Core (world management) - http://dev.bukkit.org/server-mods/multiverse-core/
     - Essentials + Essentials Spawn - http://dev.bukkit.org/server-mods/essentials/
     - MultiInv (separate inventories) - http://dev.bukkit.org/server-mods/multiinv/
     - Chest Commands GUI (buy perks) - http://dev.bukkit.org/bukkit-plugins/chest-commands/
    Author: Talabrek
    Source: http://dev.bukkit.org/bukkit-plugins/ultimate-skyblock/
    Tutorial Site: http://debocraft.enjin.com/skyblock
    This is a unique skyblock plugin based on code from the original skySMP plugin.
     * Easy installation: Just place the .jar in your plugins directory and start the server. The skyblock world, config, and all other files are automatically generated. CleanRoomGenerator is not required!
     * Inventory Interface: Data is displayed in a GUI that allows players to easily manage and change features of their island.
     * Co-op (party) system: Let multiple players join together to play on a single island. Maximum party size is configurable.
     * Challenges: Players can complete customizable challenges for rewards including items, exp, currency, and permissions.
     * Custom Islands: Use WorldEdit schematics to customize what your starting island looks like. You can also give individual players different starting islands using permissions!
     * Grief Protection: Islands are protected with a built-in protection system (or optionally by WorldGuard regions), which stops non-party members from building, destroying, killing animals, accessing your chests, and anything else that might hurt your island.
     * Island levels: Islands level up as they get more developed. A ranking system lets players compete to have the best island.
     * Customizable: Configuration file gives you the freedom to customize the plugin's options so that they best fit your server's style.
    Custom Schematic
    To make use of different schematics you do not have to add them to the config.
    If "schematicName: yourschematicname" (in the config) is left as is you can still use multiple schematics as long as you give the right permission to each rank/player (eg usb.schematic.SkyBlock-Suntriana, usb.schematic.SkyIslandOP, etc.)
    "schematicName: yourschematicname" is ONLY used as when you have a schematic and want that as DEFAULT island.
     * Items that cannot be obtained without challange rewards or donation kits: Diamond, emerald, lapis, dirt/grass, gravel/flint, sand/glass, clay, villager eggs, mooshroom cows
     * Vote for chance of diamonds = Good incentive
    Commands / Permissions
    Note: If you use a permissions system that supports wildcards (*) you can give usb.island.* and usb.party.* to provide players with the standard commands.
    Command                        Permission            Description
    ------------------------------------------    ------------------------    -----------------------------------------------
    /island                        usb.island.create        Display's the island chest interface.
    /island create                    usb.island.create        Create your island (can also be done from the island GUI).
    /island restart                    usb.island.create        Restart your skyblock island (will remove all progress)
    /island home or /ih                usb.island.create        Teleport to the home location on your island
    /island sethome                    usb.island.sethome        Set the point where you teleport to when using /island (note: can only be used close to your island)
    /island level                    usb.island.info            View information about your's or another person's island
    /island top                    usb.island.topten        View the top ten list.
    /island lock                    usb.lock            Prevents anyone outside of the player's party from entering the island (note: requires WorldGuard protection to be enabled)
    /island unlock                    usb.lock            Let anyone enter the player's island (note: requires WorldGuard protection to be enabled, and other player's will still be unable to build unless they are in the same party)
    /island invite <player>                usb.party.create        Invite a player to join your island.
    /island kick <player>                usb.party.kick            Remove a player from your island.
    /island accept                    usb.party.join            Accept an invitation to join an island.
    /island reject                    usb.party.join            Decline an invitation to join an island.
    /island leave                    usb.party.join            Leave your current island. Note: If you are the party leader, you will keep the island and remove all other players.
    /island party                    usb.party.join            Display information about your island's leader and members
    /island biome <biomeName>            usb.biome.<biomeName>        Allows the player to set their island's biome to the given biomeName. Available biomes include: OCEAN, JUNGLE HELL, SKY, DESERT, FOREST, SWAMPLAND, MUSHROOM, TAIGA
    /island warp                    usb.island.warp            View information about the warp feature
    /island warp <player>                usb.island.warp            Warp to <player>'s island. Requires that <player> have an active warp.
    /island setwarp                    usb.extra.addwarp        Set the location that players can warp to on your island. Anyone using /island warp to visit your island will teleport to this point
    /island togglewarp                usb.extra.addwarp        enable/disable your island's warp point. When disabled non-party members will be unable to warp to your island.
    /island ban <player>                usb.island.ban            ban/unban a player from warping to your island. Note: this only affects players using /island warp to visit your island
    /challenges                    usb.island.challenges        Display the challenge chest interface.
    /challenges <challengename>            usb.island.challenges        View information about requirements/rewards for the given challengename.
    /challenges complete <challengename>        usb.island.challenges        Attempt to complete the given challengename.
    /dev goto <player>                usb.mod.goto            Teleport to <player>'s island
    /dev protect <player>                usb.mod.protect            Add WorldGuard protection to the player's island (not necessary when using the built-in protection)
    /dev protectall                    usb.mod.protectall        Attempt to add WorldGuard protection to all unprotected islands. (not necessary when using the built-in protection)
    /dev topten                    usb.mod.topten            Generate a new top ten list, or update an old one.
    /dev reload                    usb.admin.reload        Reload the configuration settings from the file.
    /dev remove <player>                usb.admin.remove        Remove ownership of <player>'s island without destroying it.
    /dev delete <player>                usb.admin.delete        Delete <player>'s island.
    /dev register <player>                usb.admin.register        Set <player>'s island location to a bedrock within 15 blocks.
    /dev completechallenge <challengename> <player>    usb.mod.challenges        Complete the given <challengename> for <player> (note: this does not give rewards, it only sets the status as completed)
    /dev resetchallenge <challengename> <player>    usb.mod.challenges        Reset the given <challengename> for <player> (note: this does not take rewards away, it only sets the status as incomplete)
    /dev resetallchallenges <player>        usb.mod.challenges        Resets challenges for <player> (note: this does not take rewards away, it only sets the status as incomplete)
    /dev purge <TimeInDays>                usb.admin.purge            Remove all islands whose owner has been offline for more than <TimeInDays> days
    none                        usb.mod.bypassprotection    A player with this permissioncan bypass the built-in protection (has no effect with WorldGuard).
    none                        usb.extra.addwarp        A player with this permission can set a warp location on their island that others can teleport to.
    none                        usb.extra.hunger        A player with this permission will lose hunger 25% slower on their island.
    none                        usb.extra.hunger2        A player with this permission will lose hunger 50% slower on their island.
    none                        usb.extra.hunger3        A player with this permission will lose hunger 75% slower on their island.
    none                        usb.extra.hunger4        A player with this permission will not lose hunger on their island.
    none                        usb.extra.partysize        A player with this permission can invite 2x the standard max party size to their island (only affects island owners).
    none                        usb.schematic.<schematic>    A player with this permission will use the given <schematic> when creating a new island. The schematic must be in the uSkyBlock/schematics folder. Do not include the .schematic extension in the permission name
    Challenges are customized skyblock goals that a player can complete on his island for a reward.
    Access the challenges by using /challenges, /challenge or /c. See information about a challenge by using /challenge <challengename>. Attempt to complete a challenge by using /challenge complete <challengename> or /c c <challengename> for short.
    If you are upgrading from a version before 1.0.0 then you will need to delete your old config.yml and let the plugin load a new one. The config now has several challenge related options:
        #[true/false] Enable the use of the challenges command.
        allowChallenges: true
        #[true/false] Should first time challenge completions be broadcast to the whole server?
        broadcastCompletion: true
        #[text] The color/formatting of the broadcast text when showing first time completions
        broadcastText: '&6'
        #[list] The ranks to sort the challenges into.
        ranks: 'Easy Medium Hard Master'
        #[true/false] should challenges in higher level ranks require challenges in lower level ranks to be completed?
        requirePreviousRank: true
        #[integer] The number of tasks per rank that can be left uncompleted to advance to the next rank. For example, if you have 4 easy challenges
        #with a rankLeeway of 1, a player would only need to complete 3 to advance to the next rank. A rankLeeway of 0 would require them all.
        rankLeeway: 1
        #[color code] The color to use for uncompleted challenges in the list
        challengeColor: '&e'
        #[color code] The color to use for completed challenges in the list (non-repeatable)
        finishedColor: '&2'
        #[color code] The color to use for completed challenges in the list (repeatable)
        repeatableColor: '&a'
        #[true/false] Enable an economy plugin via vault(required for currencyReward)
        enableEconomyPlugin: true
        #[list] The list of challenges, add as many as you like.  Be sure to use only lowercase in the challenge names.
          #[text] The name of the challenge that shows up when you do /challenges. All challenge names should be lower case!!
            #[text] What the player sees when they do /challenges <challengename>
            description: 'Create a cobblestone generator and mine 64 cobblestone.'
            #[rank] The rank to assign this challenge (must be in the ranks list above)
            rankLevel: 'Easy'
            #[onIsland/onPlayer/islandLevel] This tells whether the required blocks/items should be in the player's inventory or on their island
            # When using onIsland, the player must be 10 blocks away from the required blocks on his island.
            # When using islandLevel, the 'requiredItems' field should be the island level required. The player must use /island level first to update his level.
            type: onPlayer
            #[itemid list] The itemid:count of the items required for the challenge (data values are not supported for required items)
            requiredItems: '4:64'
            #[true/false] Whether or not to remove the required items from the player's inventory. Only affects onPlayer type challenges. If false, suggested to make the challenge non-repeatable.
            takeItems: true
            #[itemid list] The itemid:<datavalue>:count of the reward to give the player for completing the challenge
            itemReward: '334:3'
            #[permission node] A permission granted for completion (use none to not give a permission)
            permissionReward: 'none'
            #[text] The text name of the reward (to display to the player). No need to list currency rewards here, but you should list permission rewards if you have them.
            rewardText: '3 leather'
            #[integer] How much currency to give for the first time completion (requires an economy plugin)
            currencyReward: 10
            #[integer] How much xp to give to the player for the first time completion.
            xpReward: 30
            #[true/false] Can the player repeat the challenge? onIsland and islandLevel challenges cannot be repeated.
            repeatable: true
            #[itemid list] The itemid:count of the reward to give the player for completing the challenge after the first time
            repeatItemReward: '334:1'
            #[text] The text to display when the player is rewarded.
            repeatRewardText: '1 leather'
            #[integer] How much currency to give when the challenge is repeated (requires an economy plugin)
            repeatCurrencyReward: 5
            #[integer] How much xp to give to the player for the repeat completions.
            repeatXpReward: 10
    Name                    Default            Description
    ---------------------------------    ------------------    --------------------------------------
    general.maxPartySize            4            [integer] The max number of players allowed in a single party (including the leader).
    general.worldName            skyworld        [string] The name of the skyblock world, will be automatically generated if it doesn't exist.
    general.spawnSize            50            [integer] The size of the area that should be reserved for the spawn. A spawn size of 50 would create an area 50 blocks in each direction from (0,0). Note that this does not create a spawn, but just prevents islands from spawning in that location.
    general.cooldownInfo            60            [integer] The time in seconds before a player can use the /island info command again (note: cooldowns are reset when the plugin is reloaded)
    general.cooldownRestart            60            [integer] The time in seconds before a player can use the /island restart command again (note: cooldowns are reset when the plugin is reloaded)
    island.schematicName            yourschematicname    [file] The name of the schematic file to use for island generation. Should be located in uSkyBlock/schematics folder
    island.distance    110            [integer]         The number of blocks between islands
    island.removeCreaturesByTeleport    TRUE            [true/false] If true, remove all hostile mobs when a player teleports back to their island
    island.height    120            [integer]         The y-coordinate (height) where islands are spawned
    island.chestItems            79:2 360:1...        [item-id:count] The list of items in the player's starting chest. Note: damage values not supported.
    island.addExtraItems            TRUE            Size of the protection “bubble” between SkyBlocks.
    island.ExtraPermissions:        [LIST]            [List] permissions used to give extra items. The permission will have usb. Added in front of it. Add as many permissions as you want.
    <permissionname>            smallbonus:[LIST]    [permission:itemlist] if the player has usb.<permissionname> they will get the itemlist added to their chest.
    island.protectWithWorldGuard        TRUE            [true/false] If true, use WorldGuard to automatically create a protective region for each island. If false, the built-in protection system will be used.
    island.protectionRange            100            [integer] The size of the protective region for each island. Can't be higher than 'distance' (only used if 'protectWithWorldGuard' is true and does not effect the built-in protection system)
    island.allowPvP                DENY            [allow/deny] If set to allow, pvp will be enabled on player islands.
    island.allowIslandLock            TRUE            [true/false] Allow players to completely lock their islands so non-party members can't enter (locking still requires permission usb.lock)
    island.useOldIslands            FALSE            [true/false] If true, use the old SkySMP style island generation. Only if schematic name doesn't exist.
    island.useIslandLevel            TRUE            [true/false] If true, use island levels/ranks (/island info) (note: this command may cause slight lag with larger islands)
    island.useTopTen            TRUE            [true/false] If true, a top 10 islands list will be generated when the plugin is loaded or manually using /dev topten (with permissions only)
    extras.sendToSpawn            FALSE            [true/false] If true, return players that don't have an island (this includes players removed from a party while offline), to the server spawn when they login. REQUIRES EssentialsSpawn plugin!
    extras.obsidianToLava            TRUE            [true/false] If true, a player can right-click on a block of obsidian on their island while holding an empty bucket to remove the obsidian and fill the bucket with lava. This is useful for people that accidently turn their lava into obsidian with a bad cobblestone generator design. Will only work on the player's island and if there are no other obsidian blocks nearby (so can't be used on portals)
    You are free to add as many permissions as you want after extraPermissions, but when you add the permission to a player or group in game be sure to prefix it with 'usb.'
        smallbonus: '4:32 320:5'
        mediumbonus: '50:16 327:1'
        largebonus: '3:10 12:10'
    A player with the permission 'usb.largebonus' would get 10 extra dirt (item_id 3), and 10 extra sand (item_id 12) in their starting chest. You can change smallbonus,mediumbonus,etc to anything you want, but it must be prefixed with usb.
     * Poor lava at the sides of your island, let it flow down a bit, then get the lava source back in the bukkit.  Then poor water and let it create cobble for you. Repeating this can quickly grow a base framework of cobble quickly that you can refine with a pickaxe later.
     * Make a cobble generator and do it in this form (X=Block,I=Ice,S=Space/Air,L=Lava):
     * Cover water to prevent it from freezing up or leave a torch next to it.
     * In 1.0 and later, animals spawn very rarely so don't get your hopes up on using them for food/resources. Instead build a dark room mob grinder for string to make wool, and use your farm to make bread.
     * When you get the second ice block, make an infinite water source so water won't be an issue.
     * Save any dirt, sand, saplings, and other materials you get as you can not get anymore of them.
     * Make a fishing area, so you can eat more often. Saying: teach a man to fish, he will eat for a week...
     * Leave a patch of grass until you are able to make a farm area as you need it to gather seeds and spawn farm animals. You can always grow grass along dirt to move it later.
     * You can get apples from trees also.
     * Shift button makes you "crawl" so you won't fall over the edge. This allows you to expand your sky block more easily.
     * If you are unfamiliar with cobblestone generators, look up some designs so you don't accidentally turn your lava into obsidian.
     * Keep your bucket safe, while you can get another ice block, you can not get another bucket.
     * Save some grass as once it is gone it is gone.
     * Light the place as after dark, mobs can spawn and ruin your day.
    Conditions for being unable to continue are:
     * Having no saplings for trees
     * Having no way of getting seeds(no grass)
     * Losing too much dirt(no farm or trees)
     * Losing the sand(no glass or cactus farm)
     * Losing the lava source by turning it into obsidian
     * Losing water by turning it into cobble stone( can be save by the second ice block in the Nether)
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    Thank you. This might help me.

    I'm still curious why this plugin is suddenly gone.
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    Not, everything there have been done lots of bug fixes and clean up in this code how I see.
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    I dont see a reason
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    Took me a while to find this but I hope to clear some things up.

    For 1, there is NO malicious code in it, let that be clear and not the reason.

    The reason the plugin has been taken down is due to licence issue's. When Talabrek started this plugin he used code from the then abandoned plugin "skySMP", which he mentioned in the first paragraph of the bukkit site. The source was available for anyone to modify as they saw fit on the plugin's bukkit page (which doesn't appear to exist anymore). Talabrek has removed almost all the code from the "skySMP" plugin and replaced it with his own code.

    The Github link what was provided that caused the problem (see here) is probably not even from the orginal author of the skySMP plugin (so I was told) were uSkyblock is based on.

    As you can see on the github link that this is atleast 2/3 years old, why suddenly start now over this issue and not 2 years ago when he uploaded the file?

    Talabrek told me:
    I'm not sure in what way we can convince Talabrek to continue his plugin for the public. It would be a real shame to see this go as it's one of the popular plugins used and loved by so many of our players on the servers.

    On my own website I will still give support for the uSkyblock plugin, unfortunately there will be no download of the plugin till this matter is cleared up.

    Note to bukkit:
    Please reinstate this plugin as so many are using it.
    I think many will agree with me here.
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    @ jamster25,

    Repeating the link were you can download the source of an UNOFFICAL source code is not recommended. I was also told that there is some code in it that can't be explained. Talabrek or me can't be held responsible for any damage or data loss when using this source code.
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