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    Plugin category: PVPArena

    Suggested name: UltimatePVPArena

    What I want: I'd love to see a pvparena plugin that allows you to bet on the players fighting and to profit off the bets if the player you betted on won. I'd also love to see the player that wins get all the money betted on him/her. Also, I'd like a message to come up everytime a PVP match starts.
    Something like the following would be great.

    [PVPArena] A battle has begun between <player> and <player>! Type /bet to bet on who you think will win. Come to the PVP arena to watch!

    Lastly, I'd love to see the a <player> vs <player> pop up on the screen with a bar underneath that shows how far they are into the match. (Each match would be one minute long) Here's an idea of what I mean.


    Now, I'm using the Minigames plugin for my arenas. I can change plugins, or use any one that is made to make it work with UltimatePVPArena. Thank you so much!

    Ideas for commands:
    /pvparena bet <player> <amount> - This would allow the player to bet on a fighting player. They'd have to bet more than the last better.
    /pvparena joinqueue - There is only one arena. This would allow the player to save a spot so they can fight as soon as possible. They would leave the queue automatically if they log out.
    /pvparena leavequeue - This would make the player leave the queue.
    /pvparena join - This would allow the player to join. If someone is in the queue to go next, they would get a message, telling them to do /pvparena joinqueue.
    /pvparena quit - This would allow the player to quit in the middle of a match.

    Ideas for permissions:

    When I'd like it by: As soon as possible would be great.

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